Friday, July 14, 2006

...yessss fridayyyy

yah, my ultimate favorite day of the week, as i'm sure every one else's fave too. i'm so unproductive on this day, i might as well not go to work. (but i did go, unwise decision if you ask me, just so i won't be using any of my precious leaves)

call out to check Pangs' Singapore Daily Photo Blog again, you'll see he's enjoying his new Canon 30D. (So proud of you *mwah*)

I can't waaaaaait to get there. Sometimes I'm so excited and thinking so much about it then I get terribly depressed just because my visit's gonna be only a couple of days. Sabi nga ni Reeyuh, these days we just have to settle for anything that we can get.

I'm currently watching My Girl and I'm so fascinated by it and fighting over my Mom because of it. (us: "Akin na yang disc 5!" or "Pinapanood ko pa eh!" or "Bakit nanguna kang manood?") ang gwapo ng lead actor. heehee. I don't know what's his name in the Tagalog version eh, basta yung bida. Sana walang mamatay. haha. Wala pa namang meh "known" disease. But so far, I've seen piggy-back rides, hugs from the back, Inuman with the green thingie bottle and eating yung weird stuff on the stick. (Love it!) ooh, ooohh, have to add "Videoke scene with tambourine" in my sightings, hindi rin nawawala sa Koreanovela/Korean movies yan.

It's been raining pretty hard this past week and don't you just hate going to work with a storm on your back? Really, you have to bring jackets and umbrellas to work, getting drenched by the strong winds and rainfall and traffic is hellish. Why can't they say "All classes suspended, in all levels, including feeling-student employees" grrr. i mean brrrr. ang lamig sa office! Most of us are wearing hoods inside, nag nu-numb na fingers ko, hindi na makatype. (It's very conjusive to sleeping, though. Which I can't do but still do it 'cause i can't friggin help it.)

I've been eating non-stop now, taking Mosegor vita-capsule because my OB said i'm terribly underweight. I'm eating too much now that I forgot how it feels like to be hungry. Hope this gives me at least a couple of pounds! Hirap kumain noooh. Nasusuka na ako sa kabusugan baka maging bulimic ako nito.

Anyway, I'm currently reading my second Simon Green novel (my sister's book, I don't have money anymore to buy my own, heehee) and I'm not finding it exceptionally good, just something to pass the time while i'm on the shuttle on my way home. (It only gives me a neck-ache)

Any good books you've read lately? I'm a chick-lit fan, ok. Keep it light, please. The heaviest I can read is Paulo Coelho so that pretty much tells you everything about my book selections.

Have a good weekend everyone! Bye bye!


twistedzero said...

Isipin mo pangs, 1 week after ng visit mo dito, I'll visit Manila! And mas matagal yun. You should really reserve your leaves for that. heheheh

Salamat sa pag advertise ng blog ko! hehehe. Nakakatakot ng magpost ng di night shot. Baka may biglang magsabi na mag night shot ka nalang. Pero marami pa akong gustong kunan ng gabi eh. Merlion, Esplanade, Chimes, CityHall etc!

iloveyou pangs ko! 2 weeks na lang, 14 days! yahoo!

harbie said...

awww. i know how it feels gewi, like you don't wanna miss a single second. if i can take je to the bathroom with me, i think i would. hehehe! ewwww! =P

anyways, speaking about gaining weight. my parents scolded me for putting on 17 lbs in 10 months. most of my pants don't fit now, so with some of my blouses. i was 98 lbs when i got here, now i'm at 115, and counting. i should be happy! but somehow, i'm a bit worried. baka mabalutan ng fats yung matris ko, di ako mabuntis! mwehehe! =P

jane said...

huwat! 115 lbs! you've been eating gurl! =p

hmmm.. on second thought.. you're much taller than me.. so you weouldnt look bloated.. i think.. ehehehe.. =D

gewi! kelan ka nga ulit dating? uwi ako ng july 30.. =)

geWi said...

nyerks, july 28 ang dating ko lolz. 31 ka na lng uwi, sabay tayu. ay tiger lang pala kami hehe!