Thursday, June 22, 2006

...wala lang

June 22 - Thursday
System Time: 11:46 AM

..met Anshe and Roni yesterday after work.. we ate at Heaven n Eggs (Grilled Prawn Salad, some Burger Steak thingie, a Swiss Sandwich with Mangoes and Eggplant (lol. it tastes better than it sounds) and pancakes and blueberry waffles) and went to Landmark.. (Anshe was looking for clothes, i was looking for ultra-cheap shirts under 100 bucks)

when i meet my ISM kada, i sometimes forget how OLD we are until we start our conversations (we haven't changed that much physically,..well, except for Ria. AHAHA. *tago sa sulok*),..that's when i realize how our priorities have now vastly changed..yesterday was no different, we talked about our married life, in-laws, children, money, jobs, lifestyle changes.. too serious for 25 year olds, but that's what we talked about.. i like hanging out with them, makes me feel like a grown-up, heehee

bought a new book, it's the 3rd book of Megan McCafferty's Jessica Darling series.. i absolutely loooooove Jessica Darling.. she's my kid-Idol.. i found Powerbooks only had a hardbound copy, so i just gritted my teeth and payed for the hefty 999 bucks without thinking about my other, much more important bills.. (sorry Pangs).. also looked for Herbie Brennan's third book of the Faerie Wars series but they didn't have it (was this good news or bad news?) hafto remember to ask Ate ging to buy the 3rd book when she goes to the states next month..

ei.. lunch time.. brb

System Time: 2:52 PM
too sleepy. too lazy. too lonely. too much of everything to really become productive. *sighs* maybe it has something to do with my LaunchCast station YM has "Love Songs" on it. (Got tired of my usual Alt Station. Yesterday I had Contemporary Christian, hehe)

omg, omg.. it's currently playing Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen. i love this song. *sighs*

System Time:2:59 PM
bathroom break.

System Time: 4:05 PM
yahoo. 4pm na. hehehe. 1 hour to go before uwian. What i hate about my current job is the stupid scheduler. ALL my hours need to be billable. Who the heck does that? No programmer works for 8 hours straight! There has to be a Job Task = "STI" (Surfing the Internet), "RMF" (Renaming Mp3 Files) or simply "TSM" (Titig sa Monitor).. all i have are work requests, trouble tickets, incidents, and i have to assign time to these by the minute.. it's insane and unrealistic. *sighs* anyway, will do the TSP now (Text si Pangs)

System Time: 4:27 PM
weeee! just got my new ID from our HR head.. check this out: i'm now officially Ann Gretchen E. Arenas. heehee

(sorry, just took this on my puny camera phone)

gotta work for 30 minutes and it's bye bye for me. bye guys!


jane said...

huy.. wala na ba yung gewi@gawab mo? sent you an email.. di ka naman reply.. =( ni text ko din si pangs mo sa cell # nya.. di rin cya reply =(

harbie said...

awwww, miss ko na kayo gewi! nakakamiss na yung mga "sharing" natin sa "emergency meetings" sa bahay nyo. hehehe!

harbie said...

btw, nakakarelate ako sa mga billable hours na yan, ang hirap gumawa ng timesheet di ba?! parang, i can't force myself to be busy, eh sa walang ginagawa eh. =P

rEeYuH said...

define 'meeting' = something eventful happened in a kada's life. kaya lahat present. kundi pa gawing emergency, di pupunta. hehe

sooo when's the next meeting? and where? hehe

harbie said...

reeyuh, YOU tell us! unless one of the Desperate Housewives are having a baby (another one, in vero's case), the spotlight is on YOU! hehehe! =P

twistedzero said...

Sakin, di problema yan. I'll just put BAU which basically means that I'm waiting for some db to crash for me to have some task!

If not sure, but I think BAU means "Business as Usual",

roni said...

hoi TP! don't say bad words ha.. hehe.. well, for a change, wala namang emergency nung nagmeet kami. wala lng. para lng kasing ang tagal na na hindi nagkikita-kita.. plus to think na 3 na lng kami dito... =)

erlyn said...

ang taray ng nails ha, french tip!

geWi said...

lol@erlyn. talaga namang yun ang napansin.