Monday, June 05, 2006 weekend

it's audit week. i uninstalled all my freeware (limewire, ftp tools, etc) so i'm very much the "serious-anti-rebel employee" now..

attended a wedding last weekend. my HS friends and I coordinated (again) amidst my reklamos.. i didn't WANT to coordinate a wedding again EVER but my cute cute friend Jing volunteered so i didn't have a choice but to her help out.

fiasco # 1. losing the friggin wedding ring. i thought i was going to have a heart attack. when Glady pointed out that the other ring was missing in the ring pillow i was in denial. Damn the groom's kid, playing with that pillow. Glady and I just stared at each other and i thought i would pass out. when she found the ring somewhere on the floor, i wanted to jump up and down but i couldn't 'cause no one knew (aside from the two of us) that the ring was missing in the first place.

fiasco # 2. i was cueing when the entourage would walk towards the aisle, when an old guy approached me and blabbered something about him being a ninong proxy. i was trying to understand what he was saying when i looked at the aisle and saw that no one was walking because they were waiting for my cue. akkk. i said "please sir, kausapin nyo po siya *sabay turo kela Kookie (other coordinators)"

fiasco # 3. Kookee and Kathy forgot the wines at the hotel. Bien and chie wanted them to go back to the hotel for it but it was raining soooo hard (more on the rain later), it was difficult enough to just go to your parked car. Jing won out the argument and said to just buy any available wine there and stop saying "sayang ang mga wines"

fiasco # 4. the flowers. hay, kawawang flowers. so wilted, so konti, so disappointing.

fiasco # 5. while the AVP was showing, a waiter tripped on the projector cord. demmit. watdaf? l o l.

silver linings: ganda ng damit ni chie! (yung kinasal)
meh picture kami with Julia Clarete! (siya emcee, pinsan ni Bien)

katawa pa, nung pauwi na kami, we decided to just sleep over at Jing's haus.. 'cause Ate ging (sister ko) said super duper trapik nga daw sa papunta samen tas medyo baha pa dahil sa ulan tas kela Kate baha din kaya kela Jing na lang.
on our way to Jing haus, while it was still raining a little, her wiper stopped wiping! lol. tumigil amputik. wahahaha. we tried pushing it a little, it still wouldn't budge. when it was too difficult to see, i insisted on wiping it manually. but i didn't say to Jing to stop where there would be lots of tambays to watch me do it which was exactly what Jing did. katawa ako, umuulan, tas nagwi-wipe ako ng windshield with some Kleenex.

finally we were able to arrive at Jing's haus safely (20 km/hour lol) and talked and smoked and slept the night away.

didn't i mention in this blog that i would never coordinate again? last na talaga yun!

p.s. wala kaming picture ng kinasal. L O L.


harbie said...

is this a part of a wedding-disaster movie script, or are you serious it happened?! the only bad thing that i can think of that didn't happen is that one of the couple fainted at the altar. hehehe!

grabe, super adventure to senyo gewi! so nadala ka na? =P wawa naman si ria, wala nang maaasahan. hehehe!

jane said...

huwat! no more coordinating.. tsk tsk.. hehehe.. di pa tapos kasal namin a.. *lol* =p

saya namang wedding experience nyan.. =D

i wonder what i would do if i found out in the middle of the ceremony that our ring is lost.. hhehehe *thinking* wag na lang.. hahaha.. mappraning aku!!! =p

rEeYuH said...

isang malaking LOLz. haha ayus! pero within the wedding coordinators lng naman yan... di na obvious sa mga tau.. i remember un American Pie the wedding... un nawala un ring...tapus nahanap sa anu ng doggie... ewwww *ulk*

dont worry gewi, matagal pa naman ako.. u have lotsa time to rest from ur wedding planning, coordination... as if.

geWi said...

i wish i made it all up harbie, hehe!

janeyyyyyyyyy baka uwi daw si raymond sa kasal mo.

ria. as if tlga! as if papayag pa ulit ako, ngayon pa lang mag-ipon ka na para sa coordinator mo! l o l.