Tuesday, April 04, 2006

...waiting is the hardest part

hmmm. Pangs got another call, parang pinapasubmit sa kanya yung mga requirements.. grabe, katakots..kasi.. basta, secret ulit. medyo nag-ala "House" siya sa resume nya eh, if you get what i'm saying. ANYWAY... i was reading weddings@work again and saw this link from a wowie

http://www.gelmotilla.com/default.asp wow, uh,.. big time na si Gel uh hehe! good for him! check out the 2nd pic in the slideshow from the main page.. eiiii, that's me and my mom! hehe!

always cool to see your wedding in your photographer's website.. *hint,hint kayla Jaime hehe*

i'm doing more of Remedy work today.. so i'm kinda using what i've learned in our training now..

arrgghh.. my officemate, jen,.. she keeps on singing this song from Phantom of the Opera and it's driving me insane. i swear. it's like someone's strangling her or something. *sighs*

ms.judy (the cake artist) also posted my cake story in her blog .. Click here to read it.. hayy. natatakam na naman ako sa cake na yun, huhuhu.

gotta get back to work. bye all. and pls pray for Raymond that everything goes well!


harbie said...


here's something that got me thru some nerve-wrecking weeks of waiting, emailed by a dear friend:

If God answers ur prayer, He is increasing ur faith.
If He delays, He is increasing ur patience.
If He doesn't answer, He has something better for you.

goodluck kay raymond!! go! go! go!

Anonymous said...

thanks! :)


rEeYuH said...

harbz! alam ko yan! di ko lng kabisado un words pero i first read that in high school. nice nga eh. helps u accept things... some are just not meant to be. something better will come along. =)

anshe said...

naks artistahin! good luck, if something is right, everything will fall into place.. Ü
God bless to you both

Anonymous said...

Galing ni Raymond!
Balita ko Geri, sunod ka sa kanya late next year.. hehe..good! good!

rEeYUH said...

aba... looks like congratulations are in place ah.. Congrats! =)
err, ano na ba ang official news?

harbie said...

congrats na ba, congrats na ba?!?! =D

*scurries for something to throw at gewi*

announcement na dali! hehehe!

geWi said...

grabe wala pa noh, sino ba yung anonymous na yun lol!
magpapasa pa lang siya ng Employment pass, pag ok yun, ok na! hehe!

Anne said...

Hi Geri! Uuyy what's the news???