Friday, April 07, 2006

...super stressed week

... especially my Pangs! *hugs Pangs* .. hay, good luck kay Pangs ko.. he's submitting his Emp Pass, calling up his past companies for Emp Certificates, doing his work at the office.. and hearing his wife nag him to death (hehe)

... so weird to actually have work here in the office, hehe.. i've got this huuuge work request and everything's so vague and i'd have to wait a whooole day 'cause the other team's in the U.S. so i could only read their replies to my emails the next day..

hope everyone gets a great weekend.. will be meeting Kate and Jing later at Robinson. (hafto buy TPs wedding gift)

uyy.. tomorrow na Wedding ni Tp! yeheyyy! congratssss na! see you tomorrow!


rEeYuH said...

*bulong* pssttt ano gift mo kay anshe? me bridal registry ba sila? hehe give my regards to the couple. =)

*sigaw* ano, congrats na ba??!!! update pa! san sya apply? sang bansa? hehe

harbie said...

my gulay, reeyuh, you're becoming a schizo! =P

may bridal registry ba sila anshe?! di ko ata nabalitaan yon ah. anyways, regards to the newest bride and groom! and goodluck pa rin kay raymond. God is increasing OUR patience na rin ah. hehehe! =D

ako la pa rin ginagawa. getting bored to death. =P