Thursday, April 27, 2006 taylor is SAFE!

i'm still recovering from him not being in the top 2.. hihihi.. i know it wasn't his best performance by a mile but he's been consistently on top 1 from the dialidol results.. i don't know what's happening but there's a lot of conspiracy theories being talked about how AI producers wants taylor to lose.. click here to get the drift.. common Soul Patrolers in the US! vote now more than ever!!

my playlist now consists of taylor hicks' songs.. even from his CD which i was able to download from the wonderful, wonderful site of i love that site.. 'cause it has a wednesday night chat and they give a play by play as the show happens.. very helpful for people like me who couldn't watch it until the evening..

anyway, enough of AI (God knows that's ALL i've been doing this morning) want to show you guys our "garden".. in quotes 'cause it's pretty hard growing anything in Antipolo soil..

here's our so called garden.. medyo kumakalat na yung peanut grass.. you know naka tatlong batch ata sila pangs nito na namatay bago nabuhay yang hinayupak na peanut grass na yan

and here's outside the bakod..sila nanay nagtanim nyan.. laki na!

another shot.. sorry, practicing my point and shoot skills, bwahaha.

and here's the pangs nagpukpok nyan! buong araw nya ginawa yan hehehe!

yun lang. gaaah, i miss my pangs. =(


harbie said...

nice "garden"! i like the bakod thing, reminds me of landscaped restos. sarap lagyan ng lights nyan pag xmas! =)

ako, i could even kill a bamboo and a cactus. that's how non-green thumbed i am.

Charolism said...

nyakaka WALA NA SI PICKLER wohooooooooooooooooooooo

rEeYuH said...

hindi ko pa napapanood pero cant help but visit the site.... and Pickler's outtie nga. hehe sya rin kse un bet ko na ma-out. dapat before ace sana. hehe

i just loved taylor before this week's episode. hehe galeng!

jane said...

yeah, nice bakod =) some hanging plants and lights.. perfect! well, for me at least.. hehehe.. =p

roni said...

uyy.. si geri, beginning to like flowers??? hehe...

geWi said...

hehe onga, pagnagkapera ako bili ako ng plants, ihahang ko dun sa bakod!