Friday, April 28, 2006

...heaven on eggs

heaven and eggs pala, lol! just got a consensus and we'll be treating melai and liz on tuesday for lunch at heaven & eggs..weeeee! di pa ako nakakakain dun eh, will finally have the chance. ano ba masarap kainin dun?

the birthday girl Liz, who was technically born on april 24 but has april 29 in her birth certificate (weird, noh?) treated ronie and me to lunch this week.. Gerry's kami.. sarap sarap

baked scallops

birthday girl!
birthday girl

Thanks MD (as in madir duck), happy birthday!!!

ei reeyuh's coming home.. kainish may 1 pa, sana makapagdvd marathon parin ako hehehe jk reeyuh. mwah!

will be watching a movie tonight with HS kada Kate in g4..still haven't decided what to watch.. probably The Sentinel.. i like keiffer sutherland

have a good weekend guys!


harbie said...

ay, iba ba yon sa "Bacon & Eggs"? same franchise? happy weekend and happy payday! grabe, mukha na ata akong pera, inaabangan ko na ang paychecks. =P

midnitebara said...

Hi there and thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! Yes, pinay me.., trying to be a good wife, teacher and blogger here in Japan. Like you I only learned I love to cook when I married. Will be visiting here from now on, if its ok with you..,can I add your blog to my links?? I will wait for your reply before I do so!

amgine said...

ay ang weird nga at anggulo nun for ur friend. hehe dapat batukan ung gumawa ng birth certificate nya.