Monday, April 17, 2006

...still here

ok. haven't posted since.. i don't remember.. so, Anshe's wedding.. was great! as in! i absolutely enjoyed it, even though we coordinated it (which i swear, i'm never, ever volunteering again.. sorry, reeyuh, haha.. just a head's up, you know, if ever.. ok, gonna shut up now.) we pretty much enjoyed it. highlights of course, was Ilo.. singing! yep singing.. 2 songs! after the second song pangs was still shouting "ISa Pa! isa pa!" i was like pinching him to shut him up, hahaha (no offense, Ilo..) it was really a hiiiighlight.. first he was singing.. then he stopped, then he sang again (hilarious!) then the band joined him, so so sweet of him. so excited for Anna, can you promise me that we'll have children with the same age? ahahaha. they can play together. or marry each other. heh! then we'll be related? lol! ok. i'm just totally whacked out. Anshe and Jeff's wedding was really enjoyable, loved all their relatives (v.v.nice relatives!).. great emcee, had the ninangs and ninongs dancing! (pretty cool in video, i suppose) and so so happy i was finally able to eat all the mango crepe that i want.. (perks of being the coordinator, was able to take home a couple of.. boxes, harhar) so Anshe, if ever you have any appliance you want to sell (lol), a turbo grill, perhaps? just tell me okay?

holy week vacation.. what did i do.. had a dvd marathon.. (can't even imagine how high our electricity bill's gonna be) watched the whole first season of Prison break.. was SUCH a mistake, if not for Wentworth Miller's awesome cuteness (10 out of 10) .. it was dragging, too much character kwento, not much breaking out. so i guess after they break out, there's not gonna be any new season right? so i'm gonna stop watching 'cause it's gonna get frustrating. (same as don't get me started on that one).. watched 12 hours of 24.. arrrgghh, damn the Quiapo pirates, packaging a "latest season" dvd and whoa, it's only 12 hours worth! arrrggghhhhh. think it's becoming a sick, sick racket.. hayy. v.v. frustrating for addicts like me. i forgot to mention i'm addicted to Jack Bauer. love him.

also been reading House transcripts.. and watching Hugh Laurie clips on his golden globe speech was fantaaastic. he's so funny. and i can't believe he sounds so american in House when he's soooo brit. if you know what i mean. just imagine hugh grant with an american accent. it's hilarious! (favorite word for this post)

also watched a lot of dvd movies (some b movies, hehe).. just friends, upstate of anger, rumor has it, taking lives, etc, etc.. oooh, big thanks to Erlyn, none of this would've been possible without your wonderful, (now overused) portable dvd player gift. you're awesome, erlyn!

that's all. for now. when are you coming home reeyuh? and Anshe, is it your honeymoon already? and my Pangs.. i think he'll be leaving this Sunday. is this good news, or bad news? go figure.


harbie said...

WOWEEEE! so that means raymond got the job?! daya mo gewi, walang announcement post! hehehe! congrats! =)

pics nung wedding ni anshe, bru. sana naka-video naman yung kanta ni jeff. hehe! pag si reeyuh kinasal... basta!

i missed you gewi! *hugs*

geWi said...

ndi pa kasi confirmed ehhhh ang weirdd ang labooo lol! basta, siguro naman by the end of the week malalaman na namin talaga.

si vero meron ehhh, hagilapin ko. ang kyut ni vian (anak ni vero) gwabe. ndi mana sa ina, bwahahah.

rEeYuH said...

waaa now its official. ako nlng ang unmarried, un-engaged, unattached sa kada. hmm, ok no pressure at all! haha

san ang lipad ni raymond???

pics! pics! pics!

*group hug*

Anonymous said...

ehehe.. here are some pics from Anshe and Jeff's wedding... konti lng nakuha ko... si vian kasi eh =)...