Saturday, June 25, 2005

...bukas na!

nyihihihihi. i'm freaking excited.. tomorrow na pamamanhikan.. i know it may sound late to you guys since we already planned most of it.. hinintay ko kasing umuwi sister ko (ate ging) plus raymond wanted to tell his folks pag meh ipon na kami, at yung tipong wala na silang aalalahanin.. and our plan really worked.. his mother appreciated our effort and we're so responsible daw and everything.. (and the fact na hindi ako preggy! LOL) i'm so, so, happy and blessed to have such wonderful biyenans.. and that they actually accepted me! lol! i was so nervous when i first met them at Dad's, i almost didn't eat.. (imagine, me? not eating sa Dad's! eh kinakain ko dun ilang kilong sashimi lagi eh!) his sister, Akel, is so adorable, i love it when she calls me Ate (sa text) even though i'm only older by one year..

tomorrow is IT.. nagbebless na nga si raymond sa parents ko and sa titos and titas ko..(am so proud of him! lol!)

itinerary tomorrow:
1. punta sila sa house namin
2. kain kami sa labas (already pre-ordered sa Grilla, Sumulong)
..eto kasi gusto ni daddy, para hassle-free daw (i agree!)
3. i dunno na.. lol, baka pumunta kaming paenaan sa aming farm liit

i always imagined na kung sino ang makakapuntang paenaan, yun yung makakatuluyan ko.. hahahahaha.. takte, ang wirdo ko.. pero really, yun tlga inisip ko.. i can't believe everything's going great.. na meh clear path talaga akong papatunguhan.. at meh nilaan sa akin si God na mamahalin ko at mamahalin ako habang buhay..

hehe tama na toh, mashadu na madrama..

i love you my one and only pangs.

pangs as in pangarap. hindi panget. lol! bangs pag inis ako (as in bangungot)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


sooo thankful for this egroup.. people there are soooo friendly and they really answer your questions! hehe! i can't believe how many people are getting married.. i've been reading my email for at least 2 hours already (and i'm not yet even halfway thru).. i also learned a bit of their lingo like h2b, mil, b2b (husband to be, mother in law, bride to be).. ano pa ba.. tmu, hmu (trial make up, hair and make up).. di ko parin alam yung iba, eh.. i've been bloghoppping their wedding blogs and pag nagiiwan ako ng comments, nagrereply sila kagad, ang bait! i saw this w@wie, mai, (yung nagleave ng message saken din dito) kita nyo naman, ang bait! we met kasi Tet (my prospect couturier) last Sunday and kakainis, pinapapalit nya yung motif ko! waaah.. i want pale yellow and light green kasi tas sabi ni Tet, madilim daw sa NSDG kaya ndi daw makikita.. ok, fine, she has a point BUT if it's not pale yellow, then i don't want the color yellow anymore! medyo nag semi-tantrum ako (ok, bad move saken hehe) pero arrgghh i can't imagine bright yellow sa ento gowns ko.. baka sakalin ako ng mga yun.. anyway, mai gave me the contact of her divi couturier so i'll ask if pwede magpaappointment..

i'm at home now, (yeah, absent na ako for 2 days) pero i'm experiencing LBM, fever and back pains kaya parang all-in-one saket ang nararamdaman ko.. badtrip, wala na naman akong suswelduhin this cut off... hayyy.. di ko pa nga alam kung san ako pupulutin itong July.. may in-house project sa Radix, sana makuha ako dun.. at gusto ko ng umalis sa Pramerica..

anyway, to jane: subscribe ka rin sa sobraaaaaang daming info, malulula ka hahaha!

ingatsss at sabi nga nila, happy preps!

Monday, June 20, 2005

...yes, yes, yes!!!

may venue na kamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! yahooo!! sa Auditorium of Tektite Bldg in Ortigas.. they don't pencil book but Ms. Rowena Martin was kind enough to do it for us 'cause she can hear the desperation in my voice,.. hehe jk..we just couldn't set our schedules straight so she gave us until saturday to give our deposit.. it's 4k an hour.. (still cheaper than the mosquito-infested Kasalikasan).. we'll probably just rent it for 3-4 hours.. think that's more than enough for the eating, the program (speech, cake cutting, etc) and the dancing..

yehey!! last weekend was a busy (but happy) 'cause my soon to be MIL and I (with pangs of course) went to various prospective reception venues.. we went to Lepanto Penthouse (at Paseo) where SWAN had an actual set-up (the place was too small for us, i think), then at Kasalikan in The Fort (as my soon-to-be MIL said.. "no good!"), Palladium Clubhouse at Shaw (plain ugly..did not meet ANY of my expectations) and lastly at the Auditorium of the Tektite Building.. it was really the best, no wonder my cousin, Ate Lala, chose that place for her wedding.. it was big, square place that had a stage and chandeliers.. it even had a foyer (where we could put a Studio set-up and our Gifts Table)'s big enough for 200 guests and our band AND the ceiling was high enough for our gazebo!! yeheyyy! so so so so happy.. i'll post some pics next time of the venue..

also very happy 'cause I got the chance this weekend to bond with Raymond's mom.. i love her already! she's so easy to talk to and she doesn't scare me one bit.. I also met Raymond's lolo and lola.. i absolutely adooore his lola..(plus the fact that she likes me too!! hehe) she was like all teary-eyed and said "eto magiging manugang naten!" hahaha!

kain lang ako lunch.. bye all!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

...let's groove tonight!

System Time: 7:46 AM
went last night to Sentimental Groove's Demo at Boni Ave and they were absolutely awesome! We only saw 2 bands perform..The first one was Enamel.. they were kind of a mellow jazz band and Science of Sound, which was more upbeat than Enamel... we liked both but we booked SOS because we wanted danceable music, and we feel that they're more versatile 'cause they also played popsy tunes like You are The Universe and Knocks me Off my feet.. we loved them so much we booked on the spot! (got a 2k discount from that) SOS consists of 5 band members and 2 singers (but we'll probably add another percussion) and you get to choose your singers.. we chose Aubrey, she sang The Nearness of You and I liked the richness of her voice.. For the guy, we'll probably get Rommel, the guy who sounds a bit like Gary V.. the band's a bit expensive.. 20k.. but they are an All-In-One band so they're at the church to the reception.. they can be jazzy, to mainstream, to showband.. it's super cool! so in my wedding, prepare your best dancing shoes 'cause we'll be grooving all night! (no eat and run in MY wedding!) woohooo! we're also getting their sound system 'cause nobody would make them sound better than themselves right? it's a complete set-up.. 8 microphones, 6 speakers, mixer, CD player tape deck, amplifier and Disco Lights.. that's a LOT of sound boost

so far, our suppliers are:
1. SWAN Catering
2. Jaime Elizaga
3. Sentimental Groove

that's a 100k+ worth of services. gosh.

at wala pa kaming reception venue. bwahahaha.

anyway, that's the latest.. i'm having LSS from last night.. "Do the Hustle!" lol!


Wednesday, June 15, 2005 for a new venue

...omg, it's so tiring.. we'll be changing our reception venue so we're feeling a teeny bit harassed 'cause it's so hard to find a cheap, nice, spacious space.. raymond's parents felt that the garden beside Nuestra was a tad small for our reception, so since then, we've looked at 3 places: Kasalikasan at The Fort, The Loft at Rockwell and the penthouse at Lepanto Building (beside Equitable-PCI in Paseo)
so far, the only place that I like is the last one, the INDOOR penthouse.. waaah, keyword is INDOOR.. is this a sign? is it gonna rain on our wedding day? are we going to go INDOOR already? huhuhuhu! anyway, i had really looww expectations when we came to the building.. (you know, old, OLATS elevators) but it turned to be a pleasant surprise 'cause the room was spacious, carpeted and even had a veranda that we could use.. the restrooms were really cool, meh design design pa yung ceiling and there was a long bar that we could use (as if, lol) plus it comes cheap! only 12k for the place! SWAN was the one who recommended it so they already know how to set-up the place,.. and Ma'am Rebi was really friendly, telling us stories and made fun of her own "wedding".. there are cons, old building, a biiit far from guadalupe, at least 15 minutes away..

anyway, the search has just begun.. we're pencil-booked at Lepanto for 2 weeks, hopefully we'll find a building (in Ortigas, hopefully) which has nearer and as nice as their function room..

help guyysss.. if you know a venue whether outdoors/indoors.. clubhouses, gardens, halls, penthouses, rooftops, whatever near Guadalupe Viejo.. please leave a note okay!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

...meeting the photographer

we finally met Jaime Elizaga last Sunday and the wait was worth it. After seeing his album and pictures, he showed us where he gets his albums done. It's JT Photo World and we could really save a lot if we just hire Jaime for his services and have the album done there. It's much tasking, but the amount we would save is huuuge. We'll be doing our own layout and go to JT and have it printed and placed in an album (they have many!). The total cost would only be 26+! (from our original budget of 40k, this is a really good deal) 15k would go to Jaime and another photographer, 6k for video (with DVD output), 2k for the prints, 2k+ for an 8x10 album and another 2k+ for phototac (protects the pictures).

I'm so, so excited. We're also hoping to hit the 100k mark again next month for our savings, I think having it depleted to 70k motivated us to give more last payday. We also finalized our menu for Swan, just thinking about it makes me hungry. We're adding Phad Thai (noodles with peanut sauce, it's really good, trust me!) and Spicy Beef Caldereta to our original menu. We did have a tiny problem with Swan (regarding a typo on their menu) Their quotation showed that our package, the 400/head, already includes a Salad BAR but they said it was a typo and it was only a SALAD (meaning chicken macaroni or potato salad) so when we saw the final contract, they charged us for an additional 15/head for the SALAD BAR. it's pretty frustrating, 'cause we thought we could get our food for 60k flat.. we're still pleading our case, but we're not keeping our hopes up.

Yun muna, i'm at work.. i love you my pangs!!!! i can't wait.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

...hello June!!

System Time: 3:45 PM
gaaah. i haven't heard from the not-to-be-named company.. tsk, tsk. and I thought i would be getting a new career.. anyway, as my libre horoscope said..Career: Hayaan lang mangyari ang mangyari... bahala na si batman (still don't get this saying..what does batman have to do with anything!?)..

we've deployed LIPS and we've been barraged with errors and questions and user stupidity.. huhuhu.. it's TOTALLY not our fault, we did have testers, right? but still, it reflects on us how the system is doing.. (or poorly doing,..demmit)

welcome to June!! tag-ulan, trapik dhel pasukan na.. grrr..binabawi ko pagwelcome kow.. it's a busy month for us..

June 4 - Swan (downpayment)
June 5 - meet Jaime Elizaga (photo/video man)
June 11 - bridal fare at Megamall
June 12 - meet Pangs' Tita
June 18 - meet Tet the coutur..siyet, mananahi na nga lang (lol!)
June 25 - tentative date of the pamamanhikan. (finally, it's official hehe!)

it's so sad to see our savings cut in half.. UHUHUHU.. 70k+ nalng..HUHUHU.. ang layo pa ng tatahakin namin..

ms. anna said that when she got married, they were at least able to break-even from the money given to them by ninongs and ninang.. WOW, that's good enough for me if that happens, but, really, it's such a looong shot for my family that i'm not the least bit hoping.. my only wish for the wedding is for it to run smoothly..

i'm still hoping we could afford a band, i'm compiling a list of songs that we like, just so i wouldn't forget them..i'm mostly looking for danceable jazz/soul songs.. (no IKAW at MY wedding) but there's still a bunch of pop rock songs and the usual wedding songs (Knocks me Off my feet.. i love this song!)

here's my unofficial list:
1. Barry White - Can't get enough of your love, babe
2. Barry White - You're my First, My Last, my Everything
3. Bless the Broken Road - (yung kinanta ni Carrie.. from Rascal sumting)
3. Edwin McCain - I could not Ask for More
4. Jamie Cullum - Everlasting Love
5. Joss Stone - For the Love of You
6. Kyla - I feel for You (bakittt buuuhh, i love kyla,and song ko toh keh pangs)
7. Eternal - Let's Stay Together
8. Lifehouse - You and Me
9. Norah Jones - The Nearness of You (common pero still sweet)
10. Stevie Wonder - Knocks Me off My feet
11. Will Young - Your Love is King (i absolutely looove this song, heard it first from BJ:Edge of Reason's OST)
12. You make me color blind (forgot the artist)
13. You Make Me so Very Happy (hehe, gusto ko ng sumayaw!)
14. Tamia - Spend my Life with You (pangs' favorite song)

it's still too short.. gusto ko rin yung song ni Carrie, Inside my Heart.. sana hindi pa yun corny pagdating ng January, haha..

pabili ako ng DVD keh dadi sa quiapo.. season 3 of Smallville and season 1 of The OC.. wala pa daw season 2 eh.. so excited to go home and start watching!!

hanggang dito na lng muna.. see you guys! mwaaaah.mwahh. mwahhh! (i'm in a kissing mood)