Tuesday, November 15, 2005

...pictures, pictures!

hi guys! wanna show you the food that i was talking about in my last entry..

here's the appetizers: there's the asparagus, salad, smoked salmon, canapes, mini-sandwiches..haaay parang gusto kong bumalik.. ehehe


and here's some of the main courses.. i wasn't able to get most of the spanish stuff (paella, etc.. i was too damn full already! i had 2 rounds of "appetizers"..and i wanted to eat the desserts!) there's tuna sashimi, california maki, prawns, oysters, mashed potatoes (ganda ng combi ko noh), mussels and chicken yakitori

eto pa

and syempre, the desserts.. si Pangs, meron din, iba ang kinuha nya..parang matikman namin ang lahat..brazo de mercedes, some muffin at the top with strawberries, creme brulee, gelatin with kiwi, grapes, mangoes in it, mango crepe, and dipped melon and marshmallows from the chocolate fountain!


and here is my pangs who is grinning from ear to ear nung umpisa. after eh he had this spaced-out look 'cause he was really full..think we outdid ourselves

my pangs super enjoy

ang saya ano? nagutom na ba keyu haha! anyway, more pictures here.. it's my mom's trip to San Francisco and i'm just posting her "table" in the Buy Pinoy.. i'm so damn proud of her, sana makabenta siya ng marami eheheh!


oha, mega posing pa hehe!

more of her products.. ang galing ano! siya lang lahat gumawa nyan hahaha!

anyway, yun muna.. mamaya meh AKT,.. sabi naman ni Roniboy wag ako kabahan, so hindi ako kakabahan hehehe! magpapraktis na naman english ko.. ayush! babay! wish me luck! sana wala na akong "analysyst" situation, lol.


jane said...


harbie said...

ginutom mo ko gewi! although, i don't really dig oysters unless in suka, sibuyas at bawang. pang-pulutan lang talaga eh no? hehehe!

dionne said...

yummy! =D

undiscussablerealms said...

ang sarap naman ng food. :)

mai said...

wow! kagutom..tsalap tsalap naman nyan