Wednesday, November 23, 2005

...wooh, keh hirap

that's my title 'cause i just showed my entourage dresses to my officemate here, (jenny) and she flat out called them panget. hehehe. it's too much to take. so comments are okay, call them panget, walang dating, whatever. but please, give me suggestions okay? i'd really appreciate it.

Take note that most of these are not yet finished.. most will still need beading and more cloth (like my s2b MIL's)

here is my sister's, she's the MOH:


here is Akel's, she's the Bridesmaid:


here are my Secondary sponsors, Anshe and my cousin, Nina.. (Gracie couldn't make it)

Nina, my cousin

Anshe,my college Kada (my Thesis partner)

here is my s2b MIL's gown.. it's not yet finished (plus she's wearing a bra)

and my flower girl's dress.. clarice will have spageti straps, Eloisa will have the one shown here.. little ribbons will still be added on the bands

that's it.. i can take your comments, violent reactions, suggestions.. I'm mostly wondering about the Secondary sponsors' dress.. yun daw yung panget. Waaah! hindi ko talaga nakita na panget siya, huhuhu. I wanted simple, classy gowns and I thought I achieved that. And Pangs said they were great. And my sister didn't say a thing. lol! arrrggh. Nahihiya lang ba sila Nina and Anshe? comment keyu. I'd probably remove the green thingie crossed straps at the SS dresses.. but what do i replace it with? help please! and what about the flower girls' dress? para daw pangsimba lang? iniisip ko kasi tlga, simple lang, less beadworks.. 1. cost 2. meh flowers and head dress pa sila. hay. help please! S.O.S. !



Marj and Carlos said...

I think it looks fine. Di naman siya pangit. You don't want the ento dresses looking so ma-bongga either. After all di naman sila yung ikakasal. Anyways, for whatever it's worth I think it looks nice naman.

Ann ni Jason said...

The reason why it looks panget (to others ha, but for me its ok) yun kasi design ng MOH and bridesmaid mo medyo formal ang dating kasi off shoulder your design nila. while yung sa Secondary Sponsors mo v-neck and sleeveless ... ok naman ... I saw that design kay Vera Wang, which I think design ng gown nila allesandra de rossi nung wedding ni assunta... yun nga lang tube yung sa kanila. like marj said mas ok ikaw ang pinakamaganda sa wedding. Don't worry about the gowns... ok naman yung mga gowns nila. It's bagay naman sa kanila eh.

dionne said...

hi geri! di sha pangit. pramis. ala pa kasing beading tsaka di pa tapos. for sure mas lalong gaganda ento mo pag naka-ayos na tsaka may mga flowers & jewelry na. sabihin mo sa opismeyt mo wag magkontrabida, lapit na kasal mo eh. hehe!

sara_manila said...

the dresses aren't panget at all. they just need a bit of improvement siguro. for your MOH, maybe instead of the shiny material for the off-the-shoulder thingy, you can use yellow and make it a bit thicker siguro. for your bridesmaid, the ribbon you used is disproportionate to her built, dapat thicker yung width niya cos she's on the heavy side. for your secondary, dapat nga tube sha cos the criss-cross ribbons clash with the v-neckline. without the ribbons naman, masyadong plain na. if you want to keep the neckline, take out the ribbons and maybe give them yellow shawls or yellow brooches -the big ones would be nice. the FG dresses are lovely btw =) hope this helps! =) CHEER UP, don't let other people's snide comments get you down. it's your day, so do it your way =)

geWi said...

salamat guys! really appreciate it! i'd think i'll follow some of the advice, lagyan nga daw ng simple brooch or sash or something lang pero not change it all in all..

thanks a lot! super!

Bong & Lynn said...

hello geri!

sobra naman, ndi naman looks refine and simple. tama si ann para nga syang katulad ng design ni assunta...probably you could add brooches sa MOH gown para ndi plain but the rest are ok..ganda nga nung s2b mil gown e. dont worry 'bout your officemate, la lang yun masabi. :)

anna said...

hi gewi! hindi siya pangit pero it's looks too simple for me. siguro magpa-add ka na lang ng embelishments like brooches para may dating. and yung sa secondary sponsors, parang hindi nakaka flatter ng figure nila.

geWi said...

salamat anna! i'll talk to tet about it.. thanks!

jane said...

alin ang pangit dyan gewi??? =S

they look fine naman.. simple but great.. and like you said, wala pa yung final product..

baka pag pinadagdagan mo.. maover do naman.. =S

we have the same concept sa mga gowns ng entou.. simple lang.. as in plain with certain accents lang..

dapat maganda sila on the wedding day.. pero syempre.. mas maganda pa din dapat tayo! =D *lol*

ai ni bin said...

hi gewi! sakin pinakanice nga yung gown ng ss :) simple lang pero pero me dating. maganda nga ang bagsak sa kanila e :) if you want lang to add ooomph.. pede you replace the crisscross with obi belt.. in green din.. tapos me cord or light embro dun sa belt. that's what im planning to do with my entou rin :)

Anonymous said...

ok naman - mejo siguro nakaka distruct yung criss-cross pero aside from that its nice

- ate cha

harbie said...

for me they look nice and cute, or biased ba ko kasi gusto ko ng green? mwehehehe! =P basta hindi sya panget, ok jenny?! =P

next time na magfitting sila, try mo ipataas yung buhok nila if they are planning on wearing it up sa mismong wedding day. it makes a diff din kasi eh, yung over-all look.

for me, i think mas ok sa flower girls yung spag strap, although i could only imagine it for now. it's nice to show off those little shoulders eh. more room to move pa. heheheh! biased ulet. =P but you're right na dapat simple lang sa kanila, beads will overdo it.

the MOH could use a brooch nga. it will put more accent sa off-shoulder band.

yung kina anshe, kakaiba nga yung criss-cross, pero ang galing, unique ang dating. would it look differently kung mas magkalayo ng onti yung pagka-cross nya? maybe to put more emphasis on hips or something like that? =)

well, that's my opinion. i have to warn you though, dressmaking is at the bottom of my specialty list. hehehe!

~Glo~ said...

Gewi di naman pangit, harap mo sakin yung officemate mo at ng machinelas... hehehe Joke lang! Para tumawa ka naman.

MOH, instead of the shiny green maybe a yellow band, similar sa dresses ng bridesmaids ko.

Yung BM naman, parang yung ribbon kasi emphasises the girth of her torso. Kung isntead na ribbon, beadwork na lang.

FG looks cute and I even think na maganda yung MIL gown. That by itself is fine na nga sa tingin ko.

For the secondary sponsors, you can use the same banding pero instead of criscross, parang loosly tied lang sya held my a brooch or ribbon.

If all fails, tell Tet the feedback and let her do her thing on 'em. Cheer up kasi laitera ko pero ok mana ito. Di ko nga nilait! :) Take care sis.

QT said...

hello gewi! fellow w@wie here. hay naku, nasabi na ng mga sisters lahat. and they are all correct - ganda gowns ng ento mo! ung officemate mo siguro ang pangit! or ala syang bf no? =p.

smile na, wag na lang sya i-invite! hehehe

geWi said...

lol QT! hahaha! ndi naman tlga siya invited eh hihihi!

thanks guys! a lot!