Tuesday, November 08, 2005

...25 things

System Time: 1:43 PM
it is too damn boring to read CAI's Systems Development Cycle so i decided to answer Harbie's Tag for 25 facts about me. (or something like that)

1. i'm an internet junkie. if i can get away with it, i'm perfectly fine with bloghopping, downloading, blogging for a whole day.

2. i don't wear shorts in public. lol! i have hideous legs.

3. my all-time dream is to reach 110 lbs.

4. i love all sorts of music. and i do mean ALL. i'm mostly a rocker (only listen to NU107) but i like pop,r&b, hiphop, oldies kind of music too. ooh, but not Jazz. i don't get Jazz.

5. i like reality shows.

6. i now work as a programmer/analyst here in CAI-STA (it's my first day!)

7. i'm the first to get married in my family, ahead of my elder sisters. (i'm the youngest)

8. i love shopping for makeup. (it'll come as a shock for some people) i think it's my Ate Ging's influence, after her trip abroad, she went home with a bag (a big bag) full of origins, clinique, prescriptives stuff. it was love at first sight.

9. i'm a Daddy's girl. i start most of my sentences with "Sabi Ni Daddy..."

10. i am so loving my PC here at work.

11. i met the love of my life at work.

12. i'm not much of a texter, but that has changed since I met Pangs. Now i dream that my phone is ringing and sleep with the phone under my pillow.

13. I love our 2 mainas. (dunno the spelling) si MayMay at si Muymuy. lol! Maymay can say "What's your name?", "Hello, Che Che", "Anong pangalan mo?" in 3 different voices. Muymuy is still a baby.

14. i love eating out. i feel a thrill looking at a restau's menu and picking a whole course of food. i start with a salad, a main course, and a dessert. pareho kami ni Pangs dito which is one of the things i love most about him.

15. i have a permanent scar on my forehead. (ala harry potter, haha!) i got it when i bumped into a post on my way out of a shuttle. my sister and i walked to the nearest hospital while i was bleeding profusely on the head. hehe. freaaaky.

16. i don't have any "adult skills" as my sister would say. I don't know how to cook, carry a baby, iron clothes, wash clothes, etc.

17. i just downloaded 15 songs right this moment thru limewire. mabuhay ang CAI-STA!

18. i'm can be a pretty stubborn, bratty person. Pangs can attest to this.

19. i can type at least 60 words per minute.

20. i want a house with a "music" room where i can put a kick-ass drum set.

21. i'm starting to run out of things to say

22. i miss my pangs as my officemate.

23. i never owned a nokia cellphone. ever.

24. i don't like to conform.

25. i'm a w@wie. it's what a group of brides-to-be call themselves for being a part of the weddingsatwork.com yahoogroup.


Anonymous said...

26. you are my only big pangs girl!

anshe said...

ang sweet naman ng dalawang ito..Ü teka, may baby na pala si maymay?! God bless tp!