Tuesday, March 09, 2004

System Time: 9:09 AM

we're okay now.

i talked to dex.. it was so hard at first.. i kept on telling him to look straight ahead.. ('cause once he looks down, i could tell he would start crying again) i even told him if he wants to do ala Hua Zi Lei he could go right ahead and do a headstand.. anyway, i told him (almost) everything that's on my mind.. and i'm okay, he's okay.. so i guess that's just that..

we met some of his officemates on our way to buy some cellphone load.. there were 3 of them.. the gay guy, ellen and icko.. dex introduced me to them and ellen said "ahh, ikaw pala si geri, lagi ka nyang kinukwento" then just as we were saying goodbye she added "huwag mo na siyang iiwan uh, nung isang araw lang umiiyak yan, iiwan mo na daw siya"

i just smiled at her and then looked unbelievingly at dex..

/me shakes my head.


i almost wasn't able to talk to him.. 'cause the moment we met, he got teary eyed again and i said "oh? bat umiiyak ka na naman?" then he said "wala lang. ang saya ko"

i wanted to hug him and at the same time slap him.

plus he said so many things that as suzette's gay friend would say is "award! award ang sinabi nya!"

1. hindi kasi ako nagsasawa na kasama ka eh.
2. eh kasi, i'm in love with you.
and this is the one i liked the most..
3. meh priorities kasi ako, family, officemates (friends). ikaw nga lang ang una kong priority.

wahaha. award.

System Time: 1:22 PM
hay back to work...this vc++ program still haunts me huhuhu. the moment i think that i've moved on from it, another error appears. the worst part is i didn't encounter the error myself, another user did. so now i feel as if i'm trying to debug something that isn't existing.. can't find that damn error.. *tapon monitor*

System Time: 4:15 PM
the problem i had was with the date validation.. then i remembered that i used to have a similar kind of problem last time.. i only changed the date format at the regional settings to mm/dd/yyyy.. so i told Ms Jenny (the user) if i could take a look at her laptop for a sec.. i was praying silently while opening the settings.. then voila.. it said "m/d/yyyy".. changed it to mm/dd/yyyy and i hope to God that's the 'cause of the error..

i don't want to change that freaking program anymore!

System Time: 5:45 PM
bye bye bye!

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