Tuesday, March 09, 2004

My blog last March 3, 2004:

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god, that was creepy.

just went to see ate pretz in an employee orientation for prumerica (na-absorb na siya eh), and for a second there i thought i was transported to twilight zone.. it brings a whole new meaning to weirdness.. they had a video clip playing on a big projection tv and as soon as the music started playing, everyone started clapping to the music. i looked at Sir Jason and Sir Felix, they too were part of the clapping brigade. i felt that everyone expected ME to join them...i never even clapped while watching a concert, so i wouldn't clap while sitting down and watching some crappy video clip if my life depended on it. even after the video clip, they started a whole new round of applause. (they were applauding their clapping...lol)

anyway, my main purpose of going there was to watch ate pretz and her speech was just right, with the proper comedy effect and serious commitment-stuff-talk. she sounded like one of them already. i remember the first time i told my sister, ate ging that i was going to be assigned here, at Prumerica. she said "prumerica? ang weird ng mga tao dun"

now i know what she meant.

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..will go home earlier than usual.. bye for now!

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