Tuesday, March 09, 2004

My blog last March 1, 2004:

System Time: 3:19 PM
just another manic monday.

i wish it was sunday.

'cause that's my fun day.


have a little notebook for my website project. i better keep things organized 'cause there's money involved and i don't want to forget a deadline or something like that.. i really, really need a graphics designer.. i just suck at color schemes and am just not creative enough for that kind of thing..so what i plan to do is do the actual dynamic site (programming etc) and pay someone to do the graphics and over-all color theme..I texted sistah but she hasn't replied yet.. if she's not interested, i'd ask Koj to do it..

ei.. everyone's in a meeting.. i'll continue reading Catcher in the Rye..hehe

System Time: 6:01 PM
isang himalaaa ang bilis ng oras, lol.. babay!

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