Tuesday, December 16, 2003

My blog yesterday, December 15, 2003

System Time: 10:38 AM
..mawnin.. decided not to go to the F4 concert.. waah. i have to be practical.. i'm not rich (never will be) and i simply can't afford it.. when i read ads about it, i close my eyes and keep telling myself.. *focus on the watch, focus on the watch*.. watch is the fossil watch i have been salivating (lol) about since i last saw it (on the day i spent 6k in 4 hours).. it's 4.5k.. didn't want to buy it 'cause it IS too extravagant (oks na ako sa timex eh) but i'd rather have the watch than buy a 5k ticket for one night.. at least i'll have the watch for a lifetime (unless i lose it, but that's beside the point).. have spent watching F4 concerts in DVD this weekend, trying to reason with myself that i could buy a dozen dvds with 5k.. (or that watch, or origins stuff, or a kate spade purse *a really small one, but it's still kate spade, lol*) hay hay.. change topic.. kakadepress -_-

..my cousin's wedding last friday was.. well, it was like every other wedding i've attended.. even the part where ate chary receives the bridal bouquet.. i don't know how my sister feels about that.. being the cliche that she is, always the bridesmaid, never the bride.. i'm sure a little part of her wishes that she finds her match soon, but i don't pity or feel sorry for her.. she seems content and happy, even if her life mostly consists of watching TV soaps.. she does have tons of friends (both guys and girls) and is usually out with them on weekends (even on weekdays, to my father's disapproval).. there's nothing wrong with her, like most people think, just because she isn't involve with anyone... but i really wish she WOULD find someone.. just so she'll get the chance to experience all the stuff she's been watching on tv soaps.. both the hurt and joys of love... for what is lonelier in life than living it indifferently..

System Time: 11:04 AM
hoping to go to landmark/glorietta with ate ging.. FINALLY will be able to shop at beauty bar with THE expert, lol! (kung kelan ala na ko pera waah)..ayy.. she just called me, maya na daw after work.. ay kumakain na sila.. kain na ko, brb

System Time: 1:32 PM
*whew* my feet hurt.. after much convincing, ate ging finally relented in going to Landmark with me.. just got back.. ate ging bought shawls for her ninangs and i bought lip balms (burt's bees @ beauty bar, of course lol) for ria, rony and anshe..also bought a new umbrella.. my umbrella is officially retired after serving me for 6+ years.. sana tuloy lakad ng kada sa 26.. para di ko maisip yung F4 lol

System Time: 1:59 PM
exchange gift sa radix, nagpabunot na lng ako keh kuya don over the phone.. lorna q. daw.. kikay naman yun eh, so madaling bigyan.. beauty bar ulit! wee! lol!

System Time: 2:34 PM
waaahhh.. anshe just texted me and said she couldn't go on the 26th.. la daw sa budget.. texted her back, sabi ko khet kitakits na lang..(tsaka para mabigay ko gift nila)..hmm..tas si ate chary naman, parang gusto tlgang manood ng F4, ako ang kinukulit..(waahhh BI!) yoko na nga eh, tas siya naman ngayon ang gusto.. *focus on the watch, focus on the watch*.. shit, di ko na maalala yung itsura ng watch (wah!).. kelangang balikan para di ako mademonyo, lol..

System Time: 2:57 PM
haayy ndi ko macorrect itong bug.. >_< kakaurat.. gusto ko na maguwian, papafacial pa ko (yung checkup lang, pero papa-mask din ako), tsaka excited na ko mapanood yung Dolphin Bay.. grabe si Hilton, hinalikan si Marian sa harap ni Ian! hehe.. tsaka super papa ni Hilton, kinda makes my day ^_^

System Time: 3:53 PM
.. drinking my toffee nut frappe.. no matter how hard i try, i really am NOT a starbucks person.. i don't like any of their frappes.. too sweet for me.. only bought one 'cause i'm helping ate pretz get stickers to get her free planner..katawa cla, talagang kinareer yun.. kinukulit nila lahat ng tao dito na magstarbucks.. eh suuper dami dapat.. pero ang galing, siguro mga 9 na lang kulang nila (60 in all ata yun).. hehe.. mga sirah, lol.. tried a new drink, took a chance but still failed huhu..starbucks sucks..see, it even rhymes.. *wishes for a figaro store at the Enterprise*

System Time: 4:44 PM
noh buh si ate chary..papunta na daw siya sa national to check out if meh tickets pa.. sabi ko sa kanya, row a-c lang, pag wala nun, wag na.. ngayun, ndi ko alam gusto ko.. gusto ko bang meron, or wala ng row a-c.. wahaha.. langya F4 ginugulo buhay ko..

System Time: 4:59 PM
dito na sila lahat.. kanina kasi meh training yung IT people kaya nakakapagblog ako..sige.. babay!

System Time: 5:02 PM
wait..ate just called..Row U na daw.. ndi ko alam kung malulungkot ako or matutuwa.. wahha.. pero una ko atang naramdaman eh lungkot.. lol.. kasiiiiiiiii pinapa-asa pa ako ni ate eh, hmpft... DECIDED NA AKO. hindi ako manonood. period. *kasi, dati tutulog tulog siya nung nagtatry akong bumili online.. row B pa yun.. akkk... HINDI NA! period period period!*

System Time: 5:59 PM
bwahahaha. we're watching. 5104 php, row A Red Left.. tongueenahhhhhhhh. *EXCITED NA KO!* will not think of the watch anymore, lol! cyahhh! meet kami ni kate, dinedemenyo ko.. pag nakakita siya ng ticket na katabi namin, sasama rin siya! lol! babay! i labyuKEN! lol!

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