Thursday, December 18, 2003

My blog yesterday, December 17, 2003

System Time: 10:48 AM
waaah.. sabotageee!!! >_< .. my sister and i ALWAYS tape chinovela shows on GMA.. one of our favorites, Dolphin Bay, had an episode yesterday which is IMHO, one of the most exciting episode yet. In GMA's trailer, it showed Hilton kissing Marian right infront of Ian and all of the press people! @_@! when i was about to watch it, it turned out that i was only able to record static.. waaaah was so confused that i rewinded my tape again and determined when the static began.. ('cause i was able to watch the soap before that, the one with Yishin).. then i saw it.. right after the ending credits of ghostfighter, (as in right after!) the static began.. this is probably caused by SkyCable, our cable provider.. so i thought.. maybe it was just a technical problem or something out of their control.. but then the static stopped and cable was okay when it was Frontpage time.. cable died exactly (and only) during the Dolphin Bay timeslot. BUWSITTTTT! sooobrang obvious uh, kakainis. everyone knows that the Lopezes own SkyCable, the same buwsit people who own ABS-CBN, GMA's rival network. buwsettttttttttt tlgaaaaaa. Everyone knows that ABS is capable of doing such desperate and pathetic things such as this.. they moved GMA to channel 19 in SkyCable just so it would be harder for viewers to locate it..ngayon ito naman! grrr. just hope this incident will never happen again.. HUHUHU...

System Time: 3:43 PM
..bought new books.. weee! i just finished reading Paulo Coelho's Eleven Minutes.. the book was about guess what? what else would take eleven minutes? yep.. it's about S-E-X.. as usual, Coelho's book made me realize a few things that i should've learned long before.. anyway, i just hate it when i've got nothing else to read so i went to Powerbooks and found a new book by Sophie Kinsella.. the author of the Shopaholic series.. it's called Can You Keep a Secret?.. also bought Sex in the City.. decided to complete my Candace Bushnell books.. (already have 4 Blondes and Trading Up).. looked for Coelho's new book, The Devil and Miss Prym but it still wasn't available.. so was Shopaholic Ties the Knot which is really FRUSTRATING 'cause i used to see that book before but i was just finishing Confessions at that time..think it was also still available when i bought Goes to Manhattan.. bad trip tlga.. should've bought it then..*wapaks sarili*

System Time: 4:17 PM
yey, less than 2 hours to go..

System Time: 4:25 PM
..*stares at monitor* have finished the documentation.. already gave it to Sir Joel for checking..hmm.. post ko na toh, before Ma'am M arrives.. am doing this on her workstation.. she has internet access.. (i don't.. hehe)

System Time: 4:47 PM
ayy.. bumalik na sila, di ko pa napost.. muntik pa ko mahuli.. hihihi..

System Time: 5:43 PM
woah. Lara, my hs kada is preggy! lol! i just called her and made chika with her.. wahaha katuwaaa.. must be exciting to become a mother.. will give her the book, Diary of a Mad-Mother-To-Be hehe!

hay..gusto ko na umuwi.. babay na tlga..!

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