Friday, July 31, 2009

...jessica darling

she's the protaganist in a series of books by my favorite young adult author of all time, megan mccafferty. i've read the first book, sloppy firsts back in 2004 (i checked my blog archive to be sure, because i had no doubt in my mind that i would've written about it...and so i did!) and i loved it then, and i love it now. i've also read the succeeding 2 books, second helpings and charmed thirds. needless to say, i adored each book equally, and have proclaimed that Jessica Darling was the Holden Caulfield of my generation (minus the hooker), the quintessential model of teenage angst and all other shit teenagers go through.. of course i was no longer a teenager when i've read Sloppy Firsts, but i was single and was susceptible to emotional outbursts, alienation, overthinking and just being one huuuge drama queen. it's written as a first-person narrative from Jessica's POV, she writes in her journals about her daily emo rantings about life in highschool, up until she graduates and enters college. What made this series claim the prize of Most Favorite (Young Adult) of All time in my looong list of favorite books is because Jessica (hence, Megan Mccafferty) is simply, my idol when it comes to writing. If i could just get an iota of her talent, i could probably have the courage to make a career out of writing or pen a worldwide bestselling novel (whichever makes me richer harhar).

ANYWAY, out of the blue, while downloading some ebooks at IRC (ei don't judge me.. its the recession okay?) i had the sudden yearning to reread it.. so after typing "@find megan mccafferty", i was dumbfounded to see "Perfect Fifths" in the search results.. was thinking, "WTH? i didn't even know there was a Fourth!" so i've googled, and there were definitely 2 more books in the series (YEYYYYY).. i've tried reading the 4th book, but the 5 years disparity has muddled my mind and have forgotten how the 3rd book exactly ended. I backtracked and read the 3rd book this time, only to question myself when Jessica said to Marcus Flutie(the love of her life *sighs*) "I slept with Len Levy" ..who the hell? (i blame the friggin epidural again!) so here i am, reading the first book again. its not my habit to reread books, i can count the books i've reread on just one hand (Harry potpot, not all.. i think just the first or when i want to 'review' for a movie.. Twilight, only because of Edward.. think that's it.) i find that rereading it, doesn't entertain me as much as the first time.. (i remember making an attempt to reread Sloppy Firsts but I only succeeded in reading a few chapters then i got bored) Now, i realize that the 5 years difference has enabled me to enjoy the books once again! I feel so sentimental, (i mean, as sentimental as i am about Napster and Vertical Horizon) I've reread my own past entries in my blog, (what? i'm my own biggest fan) and have vowed to write more inconsequential stuff here as i have recalled why i write a blog in the first place, simply for myself. i don't need a reason or a 'happening' to write on my own blog! plus i really enjoy reading my archive (lol).. it's like tapping into a time machine and seeing yourself from another perspective (you know, a more mature you vs. whatever you were back then)..

hay. so there. thanks for reading (and hello to myself from the future) and you know, be warned of more trivial, frivolous entries to come.

speaking of trivial, yesterday, tsug and i saw this humongous rat in the playground (holy crap! its under the purple dino!). just thinking about it gives me the creeps.

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