Wednesday, July 08, 2009

...bye MJ

just watched Michael Jackson's memorial.. from the moment Mariah Carey sang I'll be there till they removed the casket to the tune of Man in the Mirror, I was bawling my eyes out.. *sighs*

its just so sad. so many people are dying in my lifetime.. when i first heard the news, of course i was shocked like the rest of the world but i guess it didn't really sink in until i watched the memorial.. omygawd MJ is dead. waaaah. why why whyyyy. he's supposed to have the greatest comeback and have a world tour named "This is it!" this month!

Everybody's performances and speeches in the memorial were so heartfelt, i'm still thinking (and writing!) about it hours later. Who didn't laugh at Magic Johnson's funny KFC anecdote? Whose heart didn't break when his daughter spoke? I even loved the unknown singers like the 12 year old-boy and the charismatic japanese-black girl who sang Heal the world..(i googled them, her name's Judith Hill, she was supposed to be one of the backup singers in MJ's tour..while the boy was a contestant at Britain's Got Talent who caught Mj's attention and was going to be part of the tour as well)

i guess MJ was introduced to me by my sister, Ate Chary. she is a huuuuge MJ fan.. i remember she even watched his concert, the Dangerous tour .. wish i went with her, but i guess i was too young then, maybe i was 11 or 12 years old. she has the double cassette (lol) of Dangerous and i remember opening the jacket sleeve, reading and singing the lyrics secretly because she'll have a fit if she sees me holding it, i have a habit of destroying her prized possessions you see (like most youngest siblings do). i love MJs songs, the fast ones because he's the only person on earth who can sing them (Bad, Don't Stop til you get enough, Thriller, Beat It).. the feel-good songs (the way you make me feel, rock with you) but I most especially love the slow ones.. (She's out of my Life, gone too soon, i just can't stop loving you) they're all so gut-wrenching, your heart feels like it's going to explode from the pain pain pain LOL. And just like what Pangs said as we watched the memorial, MJ is black, but his music isn't. it crosses all races. And everything about him is iconic. From his sequined glove, to his "Hee-Hee!". No one can pull that off without looking like a MJ second rate trying hard copycat (*tapon tubig*).. and now all i want to do is a Michael Jackson Karaoke night with my friends! (i make no promises that i won't cry when i sing Man in the Mirror though, lol) I will make it my mission for tsugtsug to know Michael Jackson's music. As a matter of fact, he just slept through 'Beat It', so its just a matter of time before i get him dancing to 'Black or White'.

*sighs again* i hope nobody dies again too soon. Michael Jordan's healthy right? lol. and *knock on wood* Tito, Vic and Joey! LOL. actually, tito can go but not Vic and Joey hahaha. just joking!

that's it.. and I hope Cory Aquino gets well soon. Here's one last 'Woooooooooo!' for Michael.

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