Friday, August 07, 2009

...random john hughes thoughts

1. i wonder why i've never watched sixteen candles before. was i somewhere else when my sisters watched this or did i indeed watch it but was too young to remember?

2. the Birthday song sang by the Tingtings in Yo Gabba Gabba is actually a 1980s song by Altered Images.. its in the Sixteen Candles soundtrack.. so thank you tsugtsug, without your constant need to watch YGG everyday, 3 times a day, i would have never recognized the song.

3. since i'm on the topic of expressing gratitute, i would also like to thank my sister ate chary for introducing me to Ducky, Watts and Ferris Bueller at the tender age of 10 or so.

4. since i'm also on the topic of memory gaps, i can hardly remember the Ferris Bueller movie as well.. I did watch yesterday the first 10 minutes and was instantly entertained.. decided to stop watching because i just have to share this moment with Pangs. he hasn't watched ANY John Hughes film. (Travesty!!!)

5. Ferris Bueller had a TV series spinoff which I do remember.. my remembering of it is pretty weird though since the TV series was soooo bad it hardly finished 13 episodes (still worth checking out though, purely for posterity. Jennifer Aniston was in it too, as Ferris' sister. you can add it to your mundane trivia facts that always get stuck in your memory, which consequently remove much more important facts in your brain, like a friend's birthday, in my case. but hey, maybe its just me.)

6. Have watched Some Kind of Wonderful perhaps 4 times in my lifetime.. once when i was 9 or 10 in which i probably didn't remember a single scene, another when i was in highschool after which "Some Kind of Wonderful" has found itself next to my "Favorite Movies:" list and has stayed there since. and then a couple more times during college when i wanted validation that sometimes, the tomboy-bestfriend-drummer gets the boy. (can i be more obvious?)

7. i've never understood the allure of The Breakfast Club. But I'll pass judgement until I've watched it again in my twenties. (and definitely before i hit thirties. Christ!)

8. how could Molly Ringwald, ranked #1 in VH1's 100 Greatest Teen Stars, take a role now in this decade as a mom of whiny Juno-wannabee Amy Juergens of the tv (TV!!) series The Secret Life of the American Teenager. wouldn't she want to be last known as Andie/Samantha instead of a pregnant mom to a pregnant daughter?


i can't believe this is happening. here i was writing about John Hughes and was IMDBing him and saw this newsflash header which i thought was a joke:



did i kill john hughes with my reminiscing????? am too depressed to continue anymore.

and off the wall topic, raymond's lola died today too. =( we might be coming home for the wake.

please Lord, i can't take anymore deaths. this blog is starting to look like an obituary. (i didn't even blog about Tita Cory, was too much for me) facing my mortality and anyone else's is a huge drain in my emotional state now.

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aMgiNe said...

honga parang lately daming mga big people namamatay. sad.