Monday, March 30, 2009

...tsugtsug's balloons are here

yeyyyyyyyyy thanks to Ate Ging and Chad for fedex-ing the mylar balloons I ordered. Plus a Coke T-shirt (coke smile tsugtsug! hehe), a 'Fun to be 1' candle, a prince hat and a totally awesome musical Master Yoda card. (tsugtsug said "Eh? eh?" upon opening the card)

tsugtsug's loot is here!tsugtsug's loot is here!
beach ball mylar and the swimming girl.. look how big it is beside my slippers!

tsugtsug's loot is here!tsugtsug's loot is here!
i also have a diver mylar (bottom right) and 2 sun mylars!

tsugtsug's loot is here!tsugtsug's loot is here!

couldn't get a decent shot 'cause he's at this stage where he wants to hold the camera everytime he sees it. the prince hat doesn't fit him, (tsug's head is too big. lol) but the garter helps it to stay put. Yoda card plays the star wars theme once opened. Thanks Ate and Chad again!

i was refusing to make a birthday preps list thinking that i could handle everything on my mind, but i have finally conceded and made one today. (list was getting longer!)

1. deposit to partyboosters
2. ask about styro surfboards <--ooops, haven't mentioned this to pangs yet. (ok, pangs? now you know LOL)
3. finalize cake details
4. finalize invite layout <--- very minimal tweaking to be done, but otherwise finished
5. have invites printed
6. book nestle cart
7. book manong taho
8. finalize food carts
9. make tarp layout (was thinking of putting one near the swimming pool)

not too bad eh? should be able to do all these in 2 weeks. (ha! positive thinking)

anyway, have been receiving bad news this past week.. my aunt's sick and so was raymond's lolo..(oh, i mean our lolo)..'was' because i'm not sure if he's still in the hospital..ooh, which reminds me, haven't asked Akel how he is.. (arrgh, i'm a bad 'apo') i'm still in denial regarding my aunt's sickness.. its actually pretty bad, but i just can't let myself think about it too much, its depressing. then raymond's friend (one who's living with him in SG) who was just recently hired will be losing his job! every company is definitely cutting back on expenses. its just cruel to hire new people, make them leave their country and families then let them go within a couple of months. *sighs*

on a lighter note, we attended my cousin's wedding last Saturday. It was a hot afternoon, but tsug was relatively well behaved except during dinner time when it was dark and noisy and he didn't want to eat his food. We had fun on the photo booth, though! will definitely persuade ate chary to get one when she gets married. hehehe. it was very addicting and you get instant gratification seeing your photos in print just 20 seconds later. heck, i'll get one for tsugtsug if we had the budget for it haha! i'm sure my camera hungry cousins will have a blast with it.
michelle's weddingmichelle's wedding
sulit na sulit na stokke stroller hehe! with kuya jojit and family

that's it for now. bye guys! have a holy, holy week!

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harbie said...

ang laki na ni tsugtsug! and nice balloons! ;-)