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tsugtsug is in this phase in his life where its super difficult to feed him! he has to be constantly entertained.. he has to have something interesting to hold (a cup, a plastic cover, a cellphone, a wii controller, anything!) and something to watch on TV..

he usually wakes up around 7:30ish so when i feed him his breakfast, he does it while watching Hi5 and Yo Gabba Gabba on Nick Jr.. he loves these shows! i have figured out what he likes.. he likes real mascots/people (no cartoons for him) plus a lot of singing and dancing! he sits in his high chair with something in his hand, his eyes transfixed on the tv, (with the occassional clapping and waving his arms in the air) and i can stuff him with cereal and fruit with zero fussiness. he's a slow eater so he needs an hour to finish his meal. problem is, when he wakes up a little bit late than usual, say around 8.. after Yo Gabba is finished and Go Diego Go starts, he starts throwing his toys and refuses to be fed! arrrrgh! He'll listen to the intro Go Diego theme but once Diego says "Ola I'm Diego" all hell breaks loose. whatever toy you give him, he'll just throw it back and then he tries to get the spoon from you and throw it too!

i have started to dread his meal time, but now i've found the secret. hihihi. its really Hi5 and Yo Gabba GAbba! bwahahah. I have finished downloading YGG's season 1 and he can continue watching it even if he wakes up at 9am! His lolo has also bought him Hi5 Dvds (in quiapo, lol) so its Hi5 for dinner. 'Eat Bulaga' during lunch time keeps him entertained. He likes to "taktak" and probably likes the sex bomb dancers too LOL! I'll probably go ahead and buy the 150bucks original Hi5 and Barney DVDs (yeah i know its super cheap, but i can't help it. 30 bucks is cheaper LOL) so i can bring them to SG once we go back. (yeah, he likes barney too)

best thing about Yo Gabba Gabba.. i like them too! hahaha! the songs are cool and there are bands/actors who guest star in them. they do the "Dancey Dance time" and the "super music friendship show"..(some bands i know were The Tingtings, Hot Hot Heat and The Shins) one episode i really liked was when Jack Black guested.. he is so friggin hilarious. He dancey danced the 'saturday night live' dance (you know, the point your finger up and down then roll your hands) and dressed as DJ Lance ("i'm surprised it fits!" hahaha! DJ lance is this super skinny person with a spandex orange costume) The songs are really catered to preschoolers, and they teach very practical stuff! like "Don't bite your friends!" (LOL!) and for picky eaters "Try it! You'll like it!".. my fave song is Broby's 'Party in your tummy'.. it's Broby's meal time so he eats chicken, cheese and juice then goes about singing "There's a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy!" .. then the carrots and beans started crying 'cause they've been left in the plate and they say "we want to join the party in your tummy" BWAHAHA. I've read this in my egroup, one particular mom said his son told him to hurry up and feed him his carrots 'cause they're already crying.. OHA, pretty awesome. will definitely let tsugtsug watch this til he learns to speak LOL. Anthony Bourdain actually gives a shout out to YGG, often quoting 'party in my tummy' on his show, 'No Reservations'. i knew from the start that imposing a 'No TV' rule would be impossible in our home for tsug(especially for me! lol) but hopefully he'll turn out to love tv AND books too.. just like his mommy mwahhaha!
Yo Gabba Gabba!!! they look weird but tsugtsug doesn't mind at all!

speaking of Bourdain, he sometimes guests as a judge in Top Chef. I just recently watched Top Chef season 5 and absolutely hated the winner. arrrrghghg. I was so frustrated, I had to google the runner up and when there were so few about him on the net, I searched him in facebook then added him as my 'friend'. Guess what? He added me back BWAHAHAH! SUPER COOL! its like we're close or something hahaha! (iba na ito) More reasons to like facebook!

anyway, back to tsugtsug.. just realized i've got 3 weekends left before his party. I still have some stuff to do, but at least I have already sent out the invites to our relatives.. all's that left are our friends. better meet em up after holy week.

which reminds me... congrats TP! i'm so happy for you and jeff. meh kalaro na si tsugtsug yahooooeyy!

bye guys!

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