Thursday, March 12, 2009

...birthday preps

whewwww. just got back from divi, and it was exhausting but infinitely exciting. i had to urge my whole family's cooperation.. our game plan was for ate chary (who had to take a leave!) and mommy to stay in Tutuban and take care of tsug.. me and daddy then went off to explore Divisoria Mall & 168.. it was super, super fun to buy wholesale! LOL! i have bought TONS of stuff for under 4k php. We picked a very easy theme for tsug's first birthday party.. SUMMER! here's just a few of my loot:


i bought red and yellow tote bags for 15 each which would contain goggles (10php), water guns (10php <-- these were even expensive because i bought these at Tutuban, wasn't able to look around much at Divi Mall and 168), beach balls (14php) and hand towels (9php). For prizes I bought kickboards, snorkel masks and a LOT of inflatables! swimvests, armbands, photo of those yet,.. i'll inflate them on tsug's birthday week. but they were really cheap.. most expensive were 60 bucks, usually they were just under 30..

i'm pretty excited right? haha. i wasn't even able to stroll around, think we did the shopping under 2 hours! couldn't really leave tsugtsug that long. he can be quite a handful! maybe its because at 10 months, he's finally growing some teeth.. 2 at the same time! (up and down) poor kiddo, it probably hurts a lot. he has been able to inflict some damage on me though.. he has taken a piece of me, literally. lol. when i nurse him, i feel so weak on the knees, i'm afraid i might pass out from the pain. it reminds me of the (painful) memories when i nursed him during the first 2 weeks.. the scabbing, the bleeding.. my wincing.. hehe.. hope it heals fast..

from my ginormous loot, i still managed to forget a few things.. like rubberduckies for my baby guests (i found a lot but *arrrgghhh* kept putting it off till i forgot about it) and some party hats.. although i wasn't really able to find the ones i liked.. (are foam visors found in divisoria?) anyway, i wanted to go to divi early so i'll still have time to have unavailable items here shipped from US c/o my sister, Ate ging. (very very very few items pangs, promise hehe)

almost everything's set with the venue and food.. lunch will be served at the Victoria Hall

Adult Menu:
Arroz Valenciana
Lengua with Mushroom Sauce
Chicken Relleno
Fish Fillet with Lemon Sauce
Russian Salad
Tossed Green Salad with TID
Frozen Fruit Salad

Kids' Menu:
Spaghetti with meat sauce (sweet sauce)
Chicken Jolly with gravy

Since the kids will swim after the party program, we decided to have the food carts during merienda time (while the kids are swimming)

Hamburger Sandwich
Jumbo Hotdog on Stick
French Fries
Nestle cart (twin popsies, drumsticks, that sorta thing.. which reminds me.. i haven't contacted them yet!)
Pearl shakes cart
Nachos with cheese and beef toppings food cart

With the binyag fiasco, i sure hope we have enough food this time!!! For the party decorations, I got Jacque of Partyboosters.. she's a fellow w@wie/n@wie whom i have complete faith on.. Photos will be by Ging Lorenzo and cake by Ms. Emily of Sugarbox. Invites are next on the list, Pangs is in charge of that.. here's a sneak peek:

surf's up!

I was first trying to take a picture of tsug in his inflatable tub.. but.. he won't have any of it.. evil mother that i am, i kept on shooting hehe:

"noooooo mommyyyyyyyyy"

i did manage to get some smiling shots, though:
"who do i look like?"

that's all for now. bye guys!


m@ri13n said...

hello! nice loot. how much did you pay for that inflatable tub and the colorful balls?
Len D.

janeius said...

nice invite! =D

geWi said...

hi len.. the tub and balls weren't from divi.. but i did find a lot of tubs in divi, didn't ask the price though. they're most likely cheap too!

thanks janey!

panetchg said...

What a cutie! :D Hope the party goes well! :D goodluck. hehehe. and happy birthday to your little angel.