Friday, August 08, 2008

...binyagan blues

grabeeehh. kakahiya, naubusan kami ng food lol. had to ask hubby to run out and buy some emergency food.. twice! i guess i underestimated the no. of people.. akala ko mga 50 lang eh! ang 50 lang pala eh yung first batch nyahaha.. adding to the stress was me direct feeding tsugtsug .. nevertheless, tsugtsug was very playful and cheerful once he had a full stomach.. masiyahin daw sabi ng mga tita ko.. they should see him when tsug looks at himself in the mirror.. kinikilig! lol.

behave din si tsugtsug nung mismong binyag.. he slept thru half of it.. what with the priest's long sermon and longer jokes.. well it was entertaining at least.. tsug was sleeping when the water was poured on his head.. he cried for a while and then slept again 5 seconds later..


ang taba ko ehehe. you know how i could keep this weight on? i eat breakfast TWICE (7am and 10am), eat a heavy lunch a couple of hours later, numerous snacksssss in between then and dinner.. basically just stuffing myself with food..

family pic time!

on OTHER news (hehehe as if meron).. i've never been a kristen bell fan but i happened to catch an ETC recall of veronica mars and saw this episode where she was investigating some lab rats stolen and where she had this little moment with a certain PIZ guy.. ooooh. suchhhh a cutie. ehehehe. watched the 3rd season , found out we had an early copy (quiapo guys, tsk tsk) so it only had until the 9th episode.. watched the first 2 seasons and well, you can say i was hooked, had my dad buy the 3rd complete season and am now very sad that they cancelled the show. there's just no justice in not finishing a series and having no definite ending. googled it up and looks like they had no inkling they were getting cancelled, hence the no-ending ending for the 3rd season. *sighs* the GOOD news is that my boy crush PIZ is actually the surfer dude in Private practice! HA! AM so damn lucky. I knew i haven't seen the last of him yet. double HA! ate Chary was the one who told me this news.. she was 'he's in private practice' and i was 'sino dun???'.. and i remembered instantly when she said surfer dude because he is sooo damn unforgettable bwahahah. and saya ko talaga ano ahahaha. and now, i'm going to find the grey's anatomy episode again and watch it. it's my goal this weekend. (and to watch top chef season 4) note to self: ask dad to buy private practice, hihihi.

weird daw ng mga crush ko sabi ni ate chary.. haha. i dunno. yeah, he's not drop dead gorgeous but i find PIZ so cute. so boyishly innocent hahaha. and maybe cause i don't like Logan that much. (and again, i always root for the underdogs) okay, i'm rambling veronica mars stuff now. time to eat. this is probably one post i'll be embarassed about one day. i now leave you with my latest obsession youtube find..c ya.


rEeYuH said...

welcome tsugtsug! =)

para rin palang kasalan yang baptism hehehe

geWi said...

mega tipid na nga ako nun eh. pero same level of stress parin ehehe!