Friday, February 01, 2008

...tsug tsug power!

...tsugtsug power!!

last wednesday, for the very first time, a kind lady offered me her seat at the MRT.. i was late (left at quarter to 11am) so i decided to take bus 40 to the Aljunied MRT.. I usually don't take that bus.. mainly because i have to take a pedestrian overpass to get to the station.. but anyway, i didn't want to be late (again) so i took it.. good thing i did! this lady, perhaps in her 30s looked at me and offered me her seat.. wowwwwwwww! i feel its official, i now look pregnant! (after 28 weeks haha) i was also wearing a sorta tight fitting blouse (sorta, because it wasn't really tight fitting, but it was my most tight fitting empire cut blouse) so i thought that might have helped.. anyway.. i'll neverrr forget her hahaa. i was profusely saying thank you to her. there are signs here above some selected mrt seats that say "please offer this seat to someone who needs it more than you do" with a picture of an elderly and a pregnant lady. so I walked towards that and held on to the bar but the 2 gay guys didn't offer me their seat, it was the lady who did. i knew they were gay cause as soon as I sat down, they began talking to each other "oh my gawwwd, we're so meannn. we didn't offer seats! i completely forgot this sign. we're seated under the siiiigggggnnnn. oh my gawwwwd." LOL. it was funny. hehe.

Aljunied MRT station must be a lucky charm for me because today, i got offered a seat again!!! (i am sooo amazed hehe) this time by a man... perhaps 40s.. AND, i was wearing a very loose empire cut blouse! so, this means, i really look pregnant now! (so happy hahahaha) Pangs calls it "tsug tsug power".. hahaha. i'm now re-thinking the Bus 40.. might be taking that route more often if i get seats from there hehe. I've stared people down in Lavander MRT to no avail.

I think tsugtsug is really getting visible now (i'm sooo glad). Although I have painful back aches, leg cramps, and my tummy feels really heavy AND I get tired sooo easily, I'm glad i'm finally showing a tummy. I was getting a bit worried but I've even googled about my small tummy. They say as long as the doctor says its okay, then there's no need to worry. I have my checkup tomorrow so I'll ask her then.

Speaking of checkups.. ammm sooo excited to see tsugtsug again. I'll try to ask for a picture again.. (for you pangs! hehe) that's it for now..

Advance Happy Birthday Harbie! and Have a good weekend guys!

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