Wednesday, February 06, 2008

...i wanna go home

.. cause everyone has left! its the eve of chinese new year and work is half-day for all employees.. and lucky us, contractors not included. (not in our team anyway).. my TL did tell us we can go home at 7ish if there wasn't any major problems.. (poor R and L has to stay 'til handover).. he gave us this weird creepy smile while saying it.. i guess i'll be happy too if i was on sick leave monday-tuesday and then on holiday for thursday and friday. (he knows how to time his sickness well)

anyway.. mom and dad are here! and cousin C also! haven't had time to go anywhere with them because of work but since its holiday tomorrow til friday, we'll probably go to the usual spots (sentosa, night safari.. ohmygosh night safari again??) its sooo nice to have my parents here.. i missed them sooo much. now my mom prepares me breakfast (rice for breakfast, how great is that! lol! no more froot loops ehehe) and she even did the laundry for me last night! (I showed her the many advantages of an automatic washing machine.. lol. my dad doesn't like the automatic ones, he says its waste of soap and water.. i told him, i'll never go back to a tub with a separate washer and spinner.. neeeever againnnnnnn!!!)

Pangs also feels so much better now that my mom is here.. at least he's assured that someone is taking care of me. I'm especially scared for the late night cramps.. now I just put some ointment every night and I try not to stretch with my legs pointed. that usually causes my extremely painful leg cramps. speaking of pangs.. its snowing in tokyooooooo. shhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeet. i'm so inggit. super major jealous. hay. demmit. lol. oh well. will just shave some ice and throw it around. lol. ingats ka dyan pangs.. bawal madulas sa snow.

Going home now.. looking forward to the looong weekend ahead. Happy Chinese New year!!

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rEeYuH said...

gewiiii how are you?!! wala pala pangs mo dyan with u.. kelan sya uwi dyan? buti ur mom is there. well, dyan nmn si anshe. hehe

tekker there! wala bang pics of preggy gewi? hehe