Tuesday, January 29, 2008


pangs left sunday morning at 4am. i promised him i wouldn't cry so i didn't. i didn't go with him to the airport anymore, knew it would be worse if i came. anyway.. i was watching him by our balcony as he went inside the cab.. as soon as he closed the door.. i suddenly felt this shooting pain on my chest.. then the tears began to fall.. wahahaha. i tried to go back to sleep after that.. i gave up after an hour.. so i got up and watched TV.. Disney had America's Funniest Videos on,and i laughed on the silliest things..who knew watching people bump on glass doors (repeatedly) would be therapeutic. at 6am i went back to bed.. and i fell asleep til 11am..went outside to the dining area and saw TP.. then i cried again hahaha. i couldn't control it, (now i'm trying to control it again.. *tingin sa taas*) my tears just fell non stop for 2 minutes..

i was so restless that day.. i couldn't even sleep.. i got a call from pangs on 330pm.. i felt better instantly.. i am sooo envious.. i want to be there with him.. i want to see tokyo for myself! but his stories are the next best thing.. we talked on and off until it was time to sleep.. he has the laptop (the new company didn't give him one) so we bought a skype phone which didn't need a PC.. was a good buy for us, cause he can call me anytime (and i can talk to him while lying in bed! hehe).. i liked his vendo story.. now he can eat his dinner without speaking a word to the staff! all he has to do is insert some money on a vendo outside the fastfood store, select his food by pressing a button and a paper comes out. The paper is then given to the fastfood staff and then they give him the food.. pretty cool! he had japanese curry which he says is like our curry.. not spicy, but sweet. (all for just 450yen) Did i tell you i'm soooo jealous? i made him promise that he'll have to go back there with me! he says its so cold there (1-4 degree celsius! he says today is 1 Celsius) you have to learn to walk faster hehe...i think he is using now all the stuff he thought he wouldn't use.. scarf, gloves, lip balm! just to beat the cold (ei pangs, don't forget to use the moisturizer!!!)

oooooooooh found out that EAT BULAGA and SOP are coming over here in SG on Feb 24. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! something to look forward to. i am so going there so early to secure a spot hahaha. i already texted my mom and my housemates and they're all coming (hopefully i can convince them to come earlier).. so exciiiteddddd. i wish everyone is there.. (vic, janno, regine hehe) i've never watched any of these shows live before so its a new experience.. and i'll get to see how many filipinos are here in SG. bwahaha.

that's it for now.. will try to update regularly (for pangs too). bye folks!

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