Thursday, February 28, 2008

...i got a quinny!!

or should i say tsugtsug got a quinny!!! my wonderful and very generous colleagues bought tsugtsug his very first stroller!!!! ohmygosh up to now i couldn't believe they bought me such an .... .expensive gift hahahaha! thanks so much! i just told them to buy me a "nice-to-have" and this really exceeded my expectations. now, pangs just has to buy the infant car seat to go with the stroller so tsugtsug can use it as soon as he is born!

tsugtsug will look good in red!!! luvv u guysssss!

m, me, j, l and yy enjoying the pizza

l with gf, a, r and mommy in red too! color of the day

L singing 'like a virgin' on the magic sing.. such an appropriate song for her L O L!

L doing the speech.. she's such a sweetheart (and b*tch in one, lol), i will miss her terribly. she's like me, we both cry easily hehe.

my mom and i are almost packed and ready to go.. (just a few more stuff).. so excited for my sister's wedding! after a lot of drama and suspense.. she will be walking the aisle and we're so happy for her! congratulations to my Ate!

yesterday was my last day at work and it was still hectic.. was still working at 6pm and i almost didn't make it in time to meet my agent! they will do the paperwork for me (cancel my EP and stuff like that) i'll definitely miss my filipino and local friends... i'll also miss my team lead.. (the nice one!) i told him (xw) that it was a good thing i was transferred to his team halfway thru my employment as i would've quit earlier if i wasn't! lol! i told him how grateful i was and how much i learned so much from him. oooh i wanted to hug him there and then when he said goodbye to me bwahaha! (must be my preggy hormones)

anyway, i'm so happyyyyyyyyyyyy to be work-free!!! (stress free!) i have bought some of tsugtsug's stuff as well (they're all in my balikbayan box!)... some avent stuff that people told me to buy here as they're more expensive in manila.. but other than that, i'll buy the rest in SM! haha! i'm so excited to do some major shopping for tsugtsug..clothes, blankets, bath stuff, the works! pangs also bought some baby gap stuff .. (sabi ko nga, mas sosyal pa si tsugtsug kesa saten uh! abah naka gap!) seems like gap is cheaper in tokyo than here in sg. He bought onesies that say "YES, I have always been this cute" hehehe.

that's all for now. see you guys soon! (oh, here are some more pics from our bbq last last week at A's condo.. their condo had a freakin bowling lane.. how cool is that!?)


anak ni rommel.. super cute! clap siya everytime magroll yung ball.. khet nga canal ka, palakpak siya! (look at the pic before this, pumapalakpak din siya hehe)

mommy doing it.. abah, mukhang strike uh hehe.

ay onga pala.. belated happy valentines to everyone and happy birthday to my pangs!! (he now has someone sleeping with him.. teddy bear he named rocky! c/o vivian who he met on the 26th. thanks vivian for being my courier! heehe)

side kwento lang..
i guess my husband has spoiled me a lot (okay, yeah, its a fact) and i have started to expect these flowers and gifts on special occasions.. (you can't blame me pangs!) and with everyone in the office saying "where's your flowers, Ann?" i couldn't help wondering myself... on the morning of valentine's day.. my mom texted me:

momi: "may package ka from raymond!!"
i then squealed at my seat and sent an instant message to my officemate M "I got a package from raymondddd" so i texted my mom.. and asked what was it.
momi: "ewan ko. baka card"
and i was like "huh? card..." it was so not pangs' style and so i thought about it and then WHAMMMM. my giddy feeling was gone. i texted my mom.
me: "that's not a card. its the security pass and some cds raymond took with him by mistake"
and momi was still optimistic:
momi: "malay mo!"
me: "buksan mo na!"
momi: "nyah. security card nga tsaka isang cd. hehe"
(nang-asar pa si momi lol!)

so i told M about this and she was laughing so hard and told me to lower my expectations haha.

but then of course pangs still gave me flowers (received it at 6pm) when some random chinese guy just called me and asked "what time you leaving, eh?" and me saying without hesitation, without asking who he was "8pm" and said goodbye. THEN i told M i finally got my flowers haha. The guard already knows me by my name because of the flowers i get.. cause they're only a few months apart (november- my birthday, january-our anniversary and now feb for valentines)
and i got mama and baby giraffe as well!!!

with mama and baby giraffe

look at my tummy! pictures c/o paparazzi jeff.

that's all folks! bye!


harbie said...

omighad gewi! mukha ka nang buntes! *lol* in fernez mare, tumaba ang fez mo. hehehe! pero arms, payatot ka pa rin. =D

awwww, ang suwet ni pangs mo! at si tsugtsug, sosyalin ha! pa-Gap-Gap pa. can't wait to see your little man! =)

Offtopic: although it's nice to receive flowers once in a while, i was more ecstatic when hubby je got me a new SD card. hahaha! geek! *lol*

geWi said...

onga, sana hindi na pumayat fez ko ehehehe tsaka sabi ng kapatid ko, magpapicture na ako na mga 1x1, visa, passport etc habang mataba mukha ko hahaha!

lol@sd card. sinanay ako ni pangs kakaflowers eh!

rEeYuH said...

gewiii onga, mukha ka ng preggy. hehe pero di ka pa rin nmn ganun kataba. oks lng. kundi pa malaki tyan mo, same same lng. hehe

ano na pala ang birth name ni tsugtsug? hehe

@harbie, agree agree! or.. mp3 player or digicam, etc.

geWi said...

wala pa name, kawawang tsugtsug ehehe...

ang hirap parin magpataba ehhhh