Tuesday, October 31, 2006

...wasted time


so i thought i would be able to finally load up my vision w with videos with my downloaded dvd converter. i spent the whoooole weekend converting the whoooole season 2 of LOST. I thought i was THE bomb because of that. soooo stupid! Why didn't I notice the signs that i will be one huuuge failure?

Sign # 1: it only had an average size of 70mb per episode. (wtf was i thinking?)
Sign # 2: the time it took for me to convert an "episode" was only 45 minutes. (WTFFFFFFFFF was i thinking?)
Sign # 3: i had a TRIAL version of the converter.

I should've known from previous experience that a whole episode would be about 300 mb AND conversion time was about 4 hours. d`oh! *wapaks sarili*

and you know what's even funnier? i only discovered this TODAY. just friggin today when i was watching "Over the Hedge" (yahhh, nagconvert pa ako ng "3" movies) and just when i was completely into the movie and trying to control my friggin laugh at the shuttle, the movie ended. I was like "meh napindot ba ako?" then i noticed that ALL my videos had "00:10:00" as its duration. akala ko ata 10 hours yun. L E C H E. i wanted to cry and throw out my player but the thought of Pangs saying "i told you so" stopped me. Pangs told me to check it. I did friggin check it! I checked each one for about 10 seconds. l o l. L E C H E again.

Anyhoo, I will try to move on and NOT think about our MERALCO bill (i did say i was converting the whole weekend right?) and all that wasted effort. (but its soooooooooo hard. huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!)

In Philippine Idol, looks like ABC-5 is reading a couple of PI blogs because they have listened to their miniscule fans and shortened the voting time period for 2 hours (similar to AI) to attempt control over the rich-relatives-texting-brigade. Jeli said bye-bye yesterday, i was so pleasantly surprised. POW was AGAIN at the bottom 4 (which i totally predicted) but was saved, TG. because of the two-hour voting period, I had to text my fingers-off without waiting for any confirmation text so imagine being woken up til the wee hours of the morning by my mobile phone because the confirmation texts were finally being received. i was like, "how many did i friggin text?" L O L. I'm voting for a new Idol hopeful too, its Gian with his rendition of Superstar. Ang galing! ang gwapo pala nya. ehehehe. so gooo Gian and Pow! it was so funny at our house during the results show, we were all so nervous. Mom let out a big shout when Gian was declared safe and i was cringing on my seat when POW was at the bottom 2 of one group. Katawa si Daddy. He said "Bakit si Jeli natanggal, binoto ko yan eh!" I was like "watda? nagtext ka?" Dad said "Oo, Jeli to 2339 diba?" L O L. I said "Kaya natalo! kasi binoto mo! ngayon lang naging bottom yan eh. malas ka!" L O L. In fairness to Jeli, she did make a better performance than POW but I still don't like her.
here's gian's incredible performance, uploaded by starmometerdotcom.

here's POW's.. hay. you can do better.

(updated: ei. it wasn't bad pala eh. hihihi)

Kay POW naman,.. namen, namen POW.. gandahan mo naman song choice mo please? *sighs* sayang tinetext ko sayu, and hirap na ako magdefend sa forum seyu. L O L. not to mention defending my choice to my parents. I was like "prejudiced lang kayo kasi tibo siya!!!" bwahahaha.

Another thing I did in the weekend (while waiting for my friggin 10 minute videos. pak talaga) was Princess Hours. It's another korean series that I just love! i love it na. And so does my Dad, hehe. It's about a student whose grandfather got in a pact with the emperor because the grandfather saved the emperor's life or something like that. The emperor said, that the grandfather's apo will marry his apo, the crowned prince. So the girl only knew about that when the Emperor's Palace contacted them and her fairy tale life started. Syempre, hindi lang tungkol dun, daming twists which I am just too lazy to tell so just get the DVD and watch the series. and Syempre ulit, mas gwapo na naman ang 2nd lead na lalake. Always and forever na lang sa koreanovela. *sighs* We're still on the 12th episode, sana my dad doesn't continue watching it without me (asa pa ako.) here's the cute cast:


ooh, and i've got a flash report. as in ngayon ko lang nalaman, kainish. Erlyn's married na. to coocoo. sabi ko nga keh Erlyn.. "does this mean we can't diss him na?" lol. ni hindi ko nga alam na SILA ulit eh, let alone married. so, congrats na lang and i truly hope he makes you happy. (kasi kung hindi, sasabihin ko keh Sis joy ituloy yung request mo dati!)

that's about it. Don't forget to visit your departed ones tomorrow (or else, they'll visit you, bwahahaha)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

...8 days to go!

yehey, 8 working days to go, and i'm outtie. Can't wait to be with Raymond, finally!

Ala mashadong happening, marunong na akong magconvert ng videos. bwahahaha. ang bagal ngayon ng pc ko dito sa office kasi nagcoconvert ako for about 4 hours na. ang tagal pala nun. (buong movie kasi eh)

Kahapon holiday, kaya nakapunta kaming quiapo nila mommy and daddy. sinamahan ko bumili ng beads si mommy tas pagkatapos nakitingin ng pirated keh daddy. binili ko yung Princess Hours tsaka yung third season ng 4400. (yahooo, convert na ito!!)

sa PI naman, tingin nyo sa starmometer.com, andun mga videos. ang sipag niya, inupload nya lahat. di ko shado gusto performance ni POW, medyo sintunado, pero binoto ko parin siya, 40+ times! tapos lintek na yan, hindi nag eliminate. l e c h e. next week tuloy, 2 na naman, eh ang hirap ng ganon eh, mahirap manalo pag marami pang kalaban. kainisssssssssss to the nth power.

and lastly, super kakabwiset na talaga tong ipismeyt ko na toh. hay. buti na lang aalis na ako. yun lang! harbie.. gusto ko na ng heroes.. mag burn ka na ng episodes kasi mag papadala ako seyu hahaha.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

...pow pow pow

Finally found Pow's Till I met You performance in YouTube. Thanks to starmometerdotcom for uploading!

ang galing ni powwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! woohoo go pow! Bibili na talaga ako nung PI prepaid bweheheh.

Monday, October 16, 2006

...if i were pow chavez' stylist

yeah, she definitely needs one. (pow chavez from philippine idol) enough with the matching suits, what is the stylist thinking, making her look like nino muhlach?! someone should tell her to watch America's Next Top Model cycle 5 and look at Kim's style. They're both lezzies, anyway, so she should be able to adapt easily. What she wore last night was good, though. Its when she's performing that makes me want to *sabunot* her stylist. (or *her* if they're picking clothes themselves)

She should do the preppy look, *fitted* cardigans/sweaters over *fitted* polos, lose the baggy stuff, pow! it makes you look even smaller than you already are.

Someone should introduce Pow to Kim of ANTM Cycle 5

See? Let Pow do some layering!

Anyhoo, enough about her clothes, let's talk about last night. Pow's S A F E!! Yahoooeyyy! I voted about 10 times on my SMART phone, and 6 times on my Globe phone.. next time, I'll buy one of those Prepaid thingies so I can vote 20 times in just one entry. IMHO, Pow gave one of the best performances last saturday, and Mr. C didn't give her justice with that comment. It wasn't an OKAY performance, it was GREAT! and Mr. C's simply losing it by saying Jan (who?!) was his Philippine Idol for that night. I couldn't even remember what he friggin sang. (or who he is) It's not yet uploaded on Youtube, (sorry, my OFW friends) but she sang Til I Met You and she sang it beautifully. Earnest, sincere and so full of emotion. Love Yah Pow!!

Go Pow!

p.s. I don't get Mau fans. really. I absolutely HATE her personality. she's so bitter. enough with the *sanay na ako dito* shit when you're one of the bottom three. just be happy you're even there (after losing to Sarah G). her voice isn't all that recognizable. she's a belter, and that's that. and we've got loads of singers who are AWESOME singers but aren't on the same level as Regine or Sarah or whoever simply because they've got no likeability factor. It's not even on the physical thing, (i mean, look at Sarah G, she's not THAT beautiful but there's something about her that's definitely loveable) Look at Bituin Escalante, Dessa, etc. Do they even have fans? Mau's just another headcount amongst them. So stop whining and just sing and hope that you win some more texters.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

...what i like about it


There are dozens of reviews for Creative Zen Vision W that are definitely better and more detailed, so i'll just tell you guys what I really like and hate about it.

Things I like:
1. I could select any picture and set it as my Wallpaper.
2. Awesome, awesome, super large screen. I could control the brightness and even if i set it at 50%, its more than adequate.
3. Reviews said it didn't have the viewing angle problem that Creative Vision had. Never owned that one, so I couldn't compare. All I know is I could share it with my sister and we didn't encounter any problems.
4. It could play some DivX formats (emphasize on SOME, Div3 isn't compatible)
5. Extremely easy to use. Easy to transfer files, Menu very user-friendly.
6. Still believe that Creative beats out Ipod in terms of sound quality. by a distance.

Things I don't like:
1. Bulky. It looks weird when I pull it out of my bag and use it as a mp3 player.
2. No kickstand. I have to hold it while watching videos.
3. The buttons. It's pretty noisy, like an old Nokia celphone.
4. The thing I hate the most: I can't seem to play music or videos WHILE it's Docked. Hate that, cause I want to listen to music while I charge it using the USB. My Creative Zen Micro can do this, so I'm not sure if I'm just doing something wrong.

Well that's about it. I love that I could watch videos while commuting! So much more fun than reading a book, hehe. =) Medyo nahihiya pa ako kasi para akong meh spotlight pag gabi sa shuttle, so I try covering the sides with the included pouch so I won't disturb my seatmates. (and I usually sit at the very back of the van)

All this will not be possible if not for my wonderful husband. heehee. *mwah* love yah!

Monday, October 09, 2006

...21 days to go!

ohmygosh i'm so bored.

i don't have that much in my work load, since Tor (our US Team Lead) removed a heft of my tasks and assigned them to my other teammates because of my resignation. I thought this will be my free-for-all day, (like downloading mp3s, watching videos in YouTube, etc) but I just learned out that the Management has gotten strict with this. Actually, there's really a rule somewhere that bans downloading but it hasn't been strictly implemented. Buti na lang aalis na ako, lolz! Marami daw na principal's office last week, kahit mga bossing, pinagalitan. Example is itong katapat ko, (alam ko PM toh eh) siya daw number 1 sa bandwidth usage. As in pumunta si ET (our president) sa desk nya tapos pinagalitan daw siya right there. Good thing I wasn't there. 'Cause I'm a friggin Yahoo! Radio user and super lakas gumagamit ng bandwidth yun. Tapos I download pa mp3s sa Limewire, tapos I watch sa YouTube! wahahaha. buuuuti na lang. Sad lang, I can't watch na sa YouTube huhuhu.

Kakamiss si Pangs!! Happy talaga last week kasi magkasama kami buooong lingo. Probably the longest we've been together since he left for SG! Imagine that. huhuhu sad noh? Pero 1 month to go na lang, alis na rin ako sa wakassss. I even tendered(?) my resignation today, bad trip lang ala si GM, hindi nya tuloy mapirmahan. Leave ata whole week. Meh tawag na nga sila dun eh, Bula daw. kasi daw, bigla na lang nawawala! Oo nga, pansin ko nga dun, bigla na lang nawawala sa desk nya. Tapos nag se-second shift, eh hello, meh tao ba siya pag second shift? sino sinusupervise nya nun? Ay ewan.

Dun sa SG, had the chance to meet up with Janey and Regi.. katawa, sabi ni Jane nung dumating si Regi "oh, eto na ang family man!" tapos sabi ni Regi "oo nga, pero kayong 2 ang meh pamilya!" lolz.. oo nguh, anu. chikahan lang over pizza (c/o janey, thankssss!) , kakatuwa, tagal ko ring hindi nakausap yung 2 na yun. lalo na si Regi, di ko na maalala kung kelan yung last time.

Sa house nila Raymond, masaya din, kasi syempre andun sila Anshe and Ilo. Tumulong din ako magluto, kinain naman nila. lolz. kaya lang nagkasakit si Anshe (dahil kaya sa niluto ko? wahahah) pero selfish ko, okey na rin kasi meh nakasama ako sa house nung Thursday and Friday dahil absent nga siya hehe. I found myself liking the place very much, parang province ang lifestyle, slow-paced and relaxed, unlike sa city. Naglalakad kami papunta sa hawker centers, tapos meh grocery dun and wet market pag umaga. Nakabili pa nga ako jogging pants eh, 4.9SGD lng hehe!

Gusto ko na dun! kakainip! binilang ko nga eh, I have 21 working days to go before my resignation. Parang ang tagal pa! wahahaha. (tapos wala pang youtube! demmit!)

Ayun, sana bumilis na ang araw. Kakamiss na naman yung mag-isa akong matutulog huhuhu. Sabi ko nga sa asawa ko, (double lang ata size nung bed nya) wag na siyang bumili ng queen-size, kasi at least ngayon, instinct mong yakapin ako pagnagigising ka in the middle of the night haha! Sigi, next time na review sa Creative Zen Vision W ko uh, kainish kasi hindi ako makapagDL na ngayon (bwahaha kulit kow noh). Bye all!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


hi guys! am here in Singapore.. I had a job interview last Monday at Suntec Tower 2. It went okay (in my opinion), so I'm crossing my fingers. My agent said I got a positive feedback, but the client's still thinking about it. Sana nga matanggap ako, para paglipat ko dito sa November, meh trabaho na ko kagad.

Will be meeting Regi and Janey on Friday at Clark Quay (sana libre ni Regi, ala na akong pera, bwahahha).. am staying at Raymond's rented HDB, so okey kasi ang gastos lang namin is food. Si Anshe meh saket ngayon =( nagkatrankaso. tsk tsk tsk, wawa. Since I got here, I'm trying to help out in the cooking, kasi lagi sila Jeff (master chef) and Anshe ang nagluluto. So far, niluto namin, sinigang, adobong sitaw (bwahaha, namamaster ko na ata ito) tsaka fish escabeche. Ano kaya maluto tomorrow...

Ohmygosh meh GREAT, AWESOME news nga pala ako. I got a huuuuge surprise from Raymond when I got here. As I entered his room, last Saturday, I saw a card and a rose and a package in his bed. So basa ko muna yung card, (sweet sweet ng pangs kow!) tapus binuksan ko na yung box. WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh, I am now the proud owner of a Creative Zen Vision W !!!! wowowowow! So far, isa pa lang nadodownload ko na video, (ang laki ng files eh!) yung Smallville Episode 1 ng Season 6.. ang linaw! tas ang linaw din nung tini-V-out kow. Nakahanap na ako ng bilihan ng pirated dvd dito eh, bweheheh, malapit lang kela raymond so magcoconvert ako malamang para meh mapanood ako sa airplane!

Next time na more detailed review kasi hindi ko pa syado ginagalaw.

Dito rin pala ata magpapasko sa SG sila Mommy and Daddy and Sisters, mukhang hindi pa kasi kami makakauwi sa pasko.

Yun lang.. magblog naman kayu! (calling ria.. sige na nga TP, excused ka muna kasi meh saket ka hehe) si harbie na lang masipag hehe. bye guys!

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