Wednesday, January 19, 2005

...return of the comeback

My post yesterday, January 18,2005

System Time: 3:20 PM
I'm back in Pramerica! Yep, i don't know if it's the right decision to make, but one thing I'm sure of, is that it made my Pangs happy, so I'm happy as well ^_^ .. My contract's just up to March but we get plenty of OT so i'm hoping to save up. Mario just decided to resign out of the blue so they needed a replacement ASAP, so I'm back! anyway, things have been great (i got a lot of enthusiastic "YOu're back!" from the pramerica people so they made me feel right at home hehe..i'm preparing myself for the looong long hours in the office (our sked's 7am-10ish pm) but it's still soo difficult to get up when the sun isn't even shining yet and it's soo cold that all you wanna do is snuggle your pillow and dream away.. plus, i've received new website projects that of course, i can't turn down, so i have NO IDEA have i would fit THAT to my schedule.. i'm supposed to be submitting some layouts to my Tita Penny today or tomorrow. *sighs*.. hope i'll be able to go home earlier today..(sbi nga nila pangs.. "subukan mo!" lol) at least i could go back to blogging, and to earning (hehe)..

List of Things to Do:
1. Email Clive re Sharepoint site
2. Tita Penny's layouts
3. List of Web hosts to Florence (another client)
4. Layouts to Florence
5. Finish Jul's Site (para makasingil na!!!)
6. Go to Renaissance (yey!)

yaiks. ang dami. unahin ko #s 1 and 5.. tapos bahala na! waaah ano bang pinaggagawa ko sa tatlong bwan!!! pakersss lol!

God, i'm so broke. huhuhu. ang tagal pa nga sweldooooo waaaah.

arrrrrgghhh kainish kapatid ko. meh billing na pala ako sa smart, nakalimutan nyang ibigay. nung Jan 10 pa ang due. demmit.

bati na kami ni mommy! yehey!!


twistedzero said...

iloveyou pangs ko!

tSaRoLsKiE said...

abah! at may blog na din si pareng pangs LOL .. gewwwi ay mes yu >:D<

tSaRoLsKiE said...

and oh yeah, congrats nga pala and welcome back sa work mo. harharhahrar