Thursday, January 06, 2005, free internet!

i've been going to EQ Group's office at PhilamLife Tower for the past couple of days, (will still be tomorrow) and working on their sharepoint site here. It's a very quiet office, except 1. Clive, Greg and Allan (another partner) are laughing on something only they understand and 2. When Clive, Greg and Allan are gone and Joy and Grace are left by themselves, gossiping about their bosses.

anyway, just wanted to take advantage of the free net and blog something however mundane.

clive: "your sister reckons you work on this around 1 or 2 in the morning"
me: "the net's faster around that time"
clive: "your sister also reckons you sleep the whole day"
me: *sheepish look* "ehehe"

langyang kapatid yan.

pangs helped me (hehe, as usual, *mwaaaah*) install xp to this super slow computer so he spent the morning here in the EQ office.. the only thing good about going to Makati is being able to see him everyday. Aside from that, wala na! Kanina pala, nakasalubong ko si Sir Nilo, yung may-ari ng Infostructure, where i previously worked. right timing nga eh, parang nung isang araw lang eh vinisit ko site nila tas hanap ako ng "InfoCareers".. baka magapply ulit ako dun, pero as QA lang, ayaw ko na magprogram, sooo stressful, tsaka para mey time parin ako sa sideline ko na gumawa ng website. Katuwa naman si Sir Nilo, friendly face parin as usual, i-check ko na lng daw yung site tapos submit ako ng email.

bye na muna!

mom texted me this message this morning: "When a child turns down her mother, an angel in heaven mourns.

hihi. bye all

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aMgiNe said...

hoy nagba-blog naman ako ah! ano kelan kitakits??? regalo ko??? gusto ko ng kikay na bracelet na gawa mo!!! hehe demanding. un pa din url ko ha