Saturday, April 17, 2004

...this is not an office, it's HELL with flourescent lighting

System Time: 9:40 PM <---waaah

am still here at the office.. it's a friday night and i'm stuck here.. but good news is i'm going home in 15 minutes time..bad news is i'm going to work tomorrow.. *sighs*

i've got SO much stuff to do, i could hardly breathe.. it looks like my contract's going to be extended here at Prumerica.. the new contractors, Glin (actually it's Glenn.. bisaya siya eh.. ask namin ano pangalan nya.. sabi nya, "Glin" lol) and Mario.. they make me look good. .. as in.. Glin's such an idiot when it comes to VB programming it makes me want to choke him to death.. he keeps on asking the simplest of VB questions that they can't almost be called "Technical questions".. a comsci student will put him into shame.. granted he was a COBOL programmer before, but the Job description was for a VB/COBOL programmer and when they ask if he KNEW how to use VB.. he said yes.. think he oversold himself.. hmpft. now I'M the one who has to put up with his questions and keeps on constantly bugging me..AS IF my workload's not full enough.. *double sigh*
ate chary called.. alis na ko... yey! babay!