Thursday, April 29, 2004

...just another manic monday

System Time: 12:38 PM
/me pigil hikab. -_-

it's a sucky, sucky monday once again. know haven't been blogging that much but it's pretty busy in the office.. i'm just on my i-don't-want-to-do-anything mood right now that's why i'm trying to update my blog. as my friend alix said, here's the late update..
my contract's been extended for another 3 months here at prumerica.. after that, i'm bond free in Radix! yey! i'll probably opt to become a contractor instead.. even if it means no-project no-pay, my salary will be doubled so that just eliminates all the cons.. hehe..
2. still no progress with the website. (yari ako)
3. uploaded new pics in friendster! LoL!

wow. my life's so boring. hehe. it's okay, i guess.. i'm almost debt free.. and i'm finally going to be able to save some money.. (no more friends' weddings, unexpected expenses, etc)

ei, and harbie's back! weeeelcome back bheng! sure missed you a LOT! *hugs* kitakits uh..

System Time: 2:55 PM (and one day after)
it's tuesday already! hehe. actually, didn't feel like posting my blog.. la wents, lol.. i'm supposed to be working but i can't seem to make my brain work.. *tok tok tok* anywayz, this friday, i'll be seeing erlyn, joy and cherry for our long overdue kada get-together (we meet so rarely it feels like an annual thing, hehe) erlyn's an exception, though.. we sometimes meet for breakfast once a month.. or once in two months.. hehe.. basta, compared to the others, our meetings seem frequent :รพ ..

/me nguya m&m's crispies.. dex gave it to me.. tsarap.. though i had to point it out at the grocery store for him.. he often gives me chocolates that i don't like.. toblerone, cadbury, hershey bars.. i only eat chocolate when it has rice crispies or wafers or whatever that lessens the sweet taste..can't handle the pure chocolate ones.. or dark chocolates, mint chocolates (waah eww).. more of a twix, barnone type.. my fave was watchamacallit but i don't think they sell that anymore.. how sad.. the only chocolate that i truly love is phased out.. just reflects on how harsh the world can be. ~_~

my current book of the month ( i hardly have time to read now so it takes me about a month to just finish one) is Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.. think i'm only in the first chapter but i'm already hooked.. and it makes me want to go online just so i could research on some of the stuff written there.. if they're actual facts or plain fiction or if it's half-fact/half-fiction kind of thing.. it's really cool.

System Time:5:33 PM (and 2 days after hehe)
it's thursday na! they're all at some meeting, and i mean every single prumerica employee so i'm taking advantage of that fact and going online on Mario's pc..

busy parin sa werk, as usual..papasok pa ata ako sa Saturday ulit..

anyways, just wanted to post this blog.. bye bye all!