Monday, April 05, 2004

...they pretend to pay me, so i pretend to work

My blog last April 1, 2004:

System Time: 8:44 AM
good morniiiing! i'm on my 9th crystal report now (still have 6 reports to go..).. still working 8am-8pm++ a day.. pretty excited on my salary on the 15th.. puro OT har har har.. nothing new 'bout me.. except that all my doubts about my relationship with dex have all completely vanished from my mind.. (hurrah!) i love him to the fullest. *hugs my momi*

ate ging's back from her bangkok trip.. she accumulated free miles from all of her southeast asian trips and decided to use it to attend her friend's wedding in thailand.. so, so lucky to have a job that takes her to different asian countries.. she didn't bring any pasalubong though.. just a LOT of (singapore, thai) magazines she missed since she got back here.. i kind of missed it too so i guess, pwede na rin.. even my dad reads them.. (they're better than any of the cosmo, mega, preview etc. mags we got here)

uy.. april 1 pala ngayon.. happy april fools day! it's also the month when my contract expires here at prumerica.. still don't know if i'll get extended.. i pretty much decided i want to stay for a few more months here.. just so i'll be able to have a project before my bond contract expires on July (wow 2 years na ko sa Radix! lol).. then i'll decide if i want to stay at Radix.. if i'll stay i'll probably ask to become a contractor instead.. it pays more (even though it's a per-project basis.. meaning no project no pay) but i've got no family on my own and it's okay for me to have an unsecure job but with a higher pay.. (ipon ipon muna!).. plus i've become pretty confident on my programming skills.. learned so MUCH here in prumerica.. like before, i only knew some basic sql stuff.. i would always have to ask koji or chipper's help on them.. but now, i got the hang of sql subsets, select-within-a-select, inner joins, right outer joins etc... kaw ba naman pagawin ng 16+ reports, tingnan naten kung hindi ka masanay hehe..

still have a lot to do but i wanted to write here first.. been a while.. a lot's happening to my friends.. like Art's graduating already this April.. grabe.. am i really that old? lol.. and CJ's been texting me.. i haven't really texted back.. (he's been sending mushy quotes).. of course i still want to be friends with all of my ex's but i don't want to do anything that would spoil my "doing-great-relationship" with dex..

System Time: 5:00 pm
ei.. will be going home early today.. ate ging wants to go home by 5:30.. yey! will be able to watch American Idol hehe.. bye guys!