Monday, November 05, 2012

...favorite OOTDs

... yeah, you can say i'm a late bloomer when it comes to fashion. seriously, i just did not care at all about it. i think i only began to love it when i started working again... i was so out of it, i had to google 'office fashion' so i would know what kind of pants/corporate attire to i was introduced to , and a lot of manila bloggers that i really like (young ones haha) granted, my looks nowadays are really bordering of what we think of as corporate but i've become a bit more fearless when it comes to what i wear at work. i know what i like and seriously, i enjoy the weird looks haha. (you know filipinos, kinda conservative..)

so this was my last post.. its a rare girly, pink color for me.. i got the top at Cotton ON asia website for only 10sgd and had it free shipped to HK.. and of course, my cutest accessory on my arms :) look who decided to join me in my OOTDs! good morning binog!!

and i just love crosses. you know, i think its true when they say that bloggers have the same look.. its just the trends.. i love everything with crosses, skulls, camoflauge, lace, leather, denim.. and its sorta across the board.. i follow a lot of fashionable people who i just adore in instagram and we usually got the same likes! but of course, everyone has their own style and that's where the creativity gets fun. plaid and crosses. excited for my son's 2nd birthday this friday!  #fashiondiaries #fashion #lookbook #ootd #outfitoftheday #ootdmagazine #ootnmagazine #wiwt #whatiwore #instafashion #me

another one of my faves are printed bottoms! i just looooove love them. printed leggings are so cheap here in the philippines.. i can get a brand new one for just 2.5usd.. and just put on a plain top and i instantly feel stylish. its kinda my uniform, printed bottoms and plain tops! crazy print leggings! my uniform lol #fashiondiaries #fashion #lookbook #ootd #ootdmagazine #wiwt #whatiwore #instafashion #me #leggings

i just love this lace skirt. i love that i can wear it chic/sophisticated or casual like the look below. i bought the top and skirt at cotton on here in manila but i still feel its so friggin expensive. i've never bought a cotton on merchandise for more than 20sgd! so its frustrating to find cotton on is waaay more expensive than in sg or hk. lucky my hubby works in hk so i can have them free shipped at his office hehe. finally able to go to a #cottononph store here in manila! im a happy camper  #fashiondiaries #fashion #lookbook #ootd #ootdmagazine #wiwt #whatiwore #instafashion #me

and this is a really simple look that i love. i just love denim and frayed jeans. and the jeans are in army green, which is so on trend right now so double the love! just paired it with a cheapo heel i got for 500php at Centropel and i felt instantly chic. just a lazy #fashiondiaries love denim and green combo. #ootd #outfitoftheday #lookbook #wiwt #whatiwore #instafashion #asianfashion #manilafashionfinds #philippinestreetfashion

and the last look i want to share is another girly look.. lace peplum! i love lace and the peplum trend cause it gives my stick figure a waist and hips. and again, printed bottoms! feeling girly today with my peplum top and floral pants #fashiondiaries #fashion #lookbook #ootd #outfitoftheday #wiwt #whatiwore #instafashion #me that's it.. follow me in instagram! i'm go_geri Follow @go_geri

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