Monday, November 05, 2012

...binog's 2nd birthday

we had a simple swimming party for binog's 2nd birthday.. just rented a private pool here in antipolo called 'The City Hideaway'.. we rented it back on my 30th birthday so we already knew what to expect... meaning, we knew about the dogs.. when we got there, the caretaker (who doesn't smile. come on kuya, it wouldn't hurt) after much persisting said 'ginagawan na nga ng paraan eh'.. whatever he did, it didn't work. he even said "wala po ba kayong aso?".. in my mind i was like "even if i did have, doesn't mean i like other people's dogs! heck, i don't even like other people's kids lol" i had to devise my own plan.. you know.. i'm not an animal hater.. but darn it, i don't like 4 puppies, 3 dogs roaming around in my party.. seriously, i did not pay for them, so i don't want them there LOL. they usually came from down the stairs so i blocked the stairs with their own plastic lounger. of course the puppies still managed to pass thru that mini challenge but i would like to think it deterred them a little bit.

anyway, on to the party.. it was raining A LOT (had a typhoon) just the day before so i prayed for a miracle and Lord, did He grant it. (i knew malakas parin ako sa kanya kahit papaano haha) Some dark skies threatened but it did not drop a single rainfall, Thank the Lord! Our invited guests were just my family and relatives and our officemates so it was a small, manageable party.

binog loved the pool a lot! there was a house with 2 airconditioned rooms so he was able to take a nap as well. even Kuya Gavin was game to swim (believe me, Gavin is not a water baby lol).

our theme was angry birds (mostly because of his Kuya who is obssessed with angry birds! just google evantubeHD and gavin knows ALL the friggin toys) and Pangs bought some stuff in HK markets (because i didn't have time to go to Divi). i liked the stuff he bought, mostly for adults.. like Uno Stacko angry birds, pencils, lunch boxes, coin purses and balloons.

The balloons were hard to inflate, we didn't have an air pump so it was mostly my very kind and helpful teammates in CAI, who went straight to our party for their shift that helped with inflating them. next time, i'll have to be prepared for that kind of stuff. (or like the past birthdays.. just make someone do them for us haha)

so here are some of the pictures! next up.. my birthday! :)

binog birthday binog's birthday party3 binog's birthday party binog's balloons binog's birthday 4 binog's birthday party5 binog's birthday party6 binog's birthday
binog's birthday2
and the photo of the day.. of my nephew getting thrown in the pool :)

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