Thursday, November 08, 2012

...delayed HK post

we went last August (yeah i know, 3 months delayed lol).. even though we stayed for almost 8 days, we didn't go around that much.. Raymond lives in this awesome area called Causeway Bay so we basically just walked around and I shopped haha. We did go to Oceanpark.. on a weekday (a wednesday) but boyyyyy was that a bad idea. OMG there was soooo much people (i think it was a discount day or something for the locals).. we didn't have lunch at Causeway Bay thinking we'll just have lunch at Ocean Park but we couldn't even go to any restaurant because the queue was so friggin long!! plus this was August so it was the heat of the summer and i was sooo sweaty i swear, libag was forming on my body with every step i made LOL. i think we were only able to eat after 2 hours of waiting.. you would think after all that waiting the food would be good but it was just so-so but at least the view was fantastic. we were muuuch too lazy to walk around and try the rides so we just saw the Panda after eating (also because the Panda was in an enclosed AC room lol) then went home and vowed never to go on a summer on Ocean Park again!

this was just right next to our table in the restaurant. nice view, right?

look at me shiny with sweat. lol.

still smiling even thru the heat!

my ever smiling binogski!!

i'm actually showing off my Jeffrey Campbell sneaker wedges here haha!!

see what Gavin is holding? It's a fan with a spray mist.. OMG you should've seen Gavin just spraying himself and he was literally already dripping and he didn't care because it was just sooo darn hot! (gavin is not much of a water baby)

as you can see from our pictures we mostly just walked around and didn't try any rides.. the queues were so darn long and hot! we did go to this cable car ride! it was pretty scary! it was a looooong ride and the wind was strong so the cable would swing sideways wahaha.

here at the Panda center. we stayed here for a while to cool off because it was airconditioned.

my parents came with us!

In Causeway bay, we just walked around and absorbed the sights.. i loooove eating there.. and so do the kids! they have the nicest rice and soup (literally, it wasn't congee, it was rice.. with soup and you get to choose your toppings like chicken, fish balls, veggies, mushrooms, etc.. the kids loved it)
shopping at Causeway Bay is amazing! there's a huuuge Forever21 store (that closes at 1am!! i can put the kids to sleep then walk there!), at Times Square (really near my raymond's place) there's a Bershka, a Pull and Bear.. even nearer is a Uniqlo, and a Muji! all you need now is the money haha.

Here's me smiling so brightly in front of Forever 21 hahaha

There was also an IKEA at Causeway Bay! went there to buy the cheap things (that we don't need but we just THINK we need) at IKEA and eat the swedish meatballs.

This was at night after the kids slept.. since my parents were with us, Raymond and I could walk around and spend some quality time together, just the two of us.

The trick to eating Street Food at a foreign country is to check out what the locals are buying! I did that and it did not disappoint!

We also went to Jumbo Restaurant, we took a taxi to the ferry and we first thought we were lost. But it turned out just a long walk and the taxi driver did drop us at the right spot.

This was at the Ferry Terminal.. we first thought of doing a bus tour (but we've already been to all the places included in the tour). Look at me still using the Ergobaby carrier..first with gavin, now with binog.. best purchase ever! I still use this for binog when he doesn't want to stay at the stroller and wants to be carried!

We saw the fishing boats.. this was where the taxi driver dropped us and we thought we were lost so we took a LOT of pictures para sulit just in case we were REALLY lost lol.

It had a very fishy smell but still the breeze was pleasant so we were comfortable there amidst the summer heat. If you walk around you can actually see some small restaurants setting up by the bay. We were afraid to try any of them because we were still hoping at that point to find the Jumbo Restaurant. But at least we knew we wouldn't go hungry there!

here we are in front of the restaurant! we were able to find the free ferry service going to the floating restaurant. BTW, the food sucked HAHAHA! it was extremely overpriced and we had MUCH, MUCH better chinese food around Causeway bay. But the decor was well maintained so it was just good to experience it!

We just took lots of pictures again to compensate for the sucky food haha.

Look at Gavin with his crazy poses!

This was the side of the boat where they kept the live fishes
That's it for now. I want to go back to HK! again and again for the shopping but maybe not on a summer haha!

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