Monday, January 17, 2011

...major major milestone

never mind his ability to count... or to read... or to write.. i will never forget this day,.. the day that tsug decided he was ready to sit down on the toilet and poop.

omg what a thrill it was. LOL.

it started out as any ordinary day (lol).. after peeing on his small potty chair, he lingered a bit and was telling me "mommy.. potty.. mommy potty" and the slow mom that i am, i was saying "yes, its a potty".. then it hit me.. "gavin, do you want to sit down on your potty?".. and he said "yes!".. i almost danced on the spot. i quickly rinsed the plastic bowl and then reinserted it to the potty chair and asked him to sit. "There you go!" then he sat. I was telling him to "okay, concentrate ka na" but he was distracted with his pututoy, how it was touching the front of the potty chair (yung handle).. sabi ko pa "okay, point that thing down, you dont want to pee on mommy".. then he looked behind him (where the real toilet was) and said "there there" so i was like "okey, you can stand there" sabay lipat sa kanya dun. He was still distracted because his Yo Gabba toys where on top of the water closet(?) tas I asked and pointed to his potty (the pinapatong sa toilet-kind) "do you want to sit there?" and he surprised me by saying yes again! He sat on the toilet seat for the first time of his entire life. Then we just started talking and playing a game where he would say a body part and i would move it without touching it. Like "Nose!" and I would wiggle my nose then he would say "Fingers" and i would wiggle my fingers, etc. etc. (He likes playing "teacher" kasi.. he would even tell me "good job mommy!" lol) ..he kept on going on and on with the body parts so I was beginning to accept the fact that he's not gonna poop. So I was just like "stay put and i'll take a picture" cause AT LEAST he was sitting on the toilet. A few seconds I was back and ohmygawd i saw him already grunting and puffing and i held my breath and cheered him on silently.

he just did his business while i took a picture about a hundred times and then exclaimed "Finished!". We both looked at his 'end result' and it was a biiiig long one and he said "So big!" haha. He flushed and then I washed his pwet sa shower stall.

Success! *tap dance*

gavin hard at work!

woohoooo. Next milestone... no diaper at night time!

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beng said...

harinawa, hindi makita ng future wife-to-be ni tsug ang pics na to. *lol*

good job gavin! momi gewi, so happy for you! =P