Sunday, January 02, 2011

...goodbye 2010, hello 2011!

last year we spent new year's eve at Vieux Chalet.. we planned on doing the same thing but en route to giving the deposit, my dad decided to check out Cristina Villas resort... and he liked it. It was cheaper and we can book just one room because the rooms were big. (we were planning on booking 2 rooms at Vieux chalet)

The hotel itself badly needs refurbishing.. carpet had stains and the paint were cracked but it smelled clean and it was spacious. There was room enough for 2 queen beds, a circular dining set and a big balcony overlooking Ortigas and Makati. We brought our take-out food and checked in at 5pm. Another plus was the staff.. they were very quick to solve problems in the room.. (toilet was not flushing, light was out in the dining area) or for our odd requests (borrow plates, glasses and utensils, extra pillows).. it was a headache free night.

the view from our room

with lolo at the balcony

waiting for fireworks
waiting for the fireworks with lola

the fireworks are starting...

here we goooo.. parang warzone

fireworks close
captured a near one

gavin loved the fireworks.. he kept pointing and shouting "big one! small one!" or "red! gold! red! gold!".. we thought we wouldn't be able to make him fall asleep but he was out at 1130pm (thank God!) binog was also sleeping soundly, the sounds of exploding fireworks weren't too loud to wake him up..

next morning we went around the resort.. the breakfast that came with the room had to be taken at the restaurant.. it was a walk up from the hotel but it was okay, we needed the exercise hehe..

in front of the restaurant

gavin and mommy inside the restaurant. choices were just tocino, longanisa or bangus with iced tea/coffee.

after breakfast we went around the resort, it was a pleasant surprise. the resort itself looks well maintained, a lot of greenery, airy function halls and big pools.. i counted 4 or 5 pools i think..

binog by the big pool


2 children's pool as seen from our room's balcony

cottages like these are around the pools

one of the many function halls

tsugtsug and me!

all in all it was a good find. maybe we'll do it again next year. or maybe we'll try the Seven Suites hotel or Eugenio Lopez Center next time.

Happy new year every one!!


janeius said...

gewi.. ano yung stroller ni baby? hehehe.. =) same ba yan nung kay tsugtsug?

geWi said...

oo yan din yung keh tsug.. 3 kasi stroller namin eh LOL (addict talaga kami sa strollers)..

quinny zapp yan na meh maxi cosi car seat. yung isa ni tsug yung matangkad, stokke xplory yun tsaka meh isa kaming silvercross na stroller.