Friday, June 26, 2009

...progress report (on myself)

i've read in one of my facebook friend's status updates that she wants to blog more about herself, and not so much on her baby. i guess i'm guilty of that too, my blog's more about tsug now, but when your life basically revolves around one little boy, it can't be help, right?

so... how have i been doing? i'm gonna say, i'm 90% good.. and that's a pretty awesome number. the first time tsug and i got here (he was 6 months old then), i was at "50-50".. pangs wouldn't know what mood i was gonna be in... heck, even I didn't know if i was gonna greet him with a smile or a scorn.. poor pangs! i was so tired from taking care of tsug, and he was so tired from doing ALL the household chores, we were both physically/emotionally wrecked.. now, i'm super proud to say, i've tapped on my inner domestic goddess and have been contributing more on the chores. i still get frustrated though, hence the remaining 10%. sometimes i still get ideas like going back to work just so i could take a rest! but at this point in tsug's life, i just can't begin to imagine leaving him to someone not blood related. let's face it, even I want to throttle my baby sometimes! LOL! he is one makulit, malikot, spoiled brat who ALWAYS gets his way and cries his head off when he doesn't. How could i let a stranger deal with him? Even if she's not a total stranger, it'll still be a job to her and nothing more. And I don't want to leave him to my mom..even if my mom is constantly complaining about missing him and such, let's face it.. they want to play with tsug, spoil him to death, and give him back to his parents the minute he starts fussing! That's what grandparents are for, and frankly, i want them to enjoy that role.

Maybe when tsug's a bit older, I might be able to let go.. anyway, i'll cross the bridge when i get there. Another plus is Pangs can now actually put tsug to sleep! that's such an amazing feat and i'm so proud of him. Maybe now I can leave tsug to him while I go out and watch a movie or something? Haha, joke lang pangs. (but come New Moon time, you know i'm serious right?)

Anyway, we have been seriously considering settling down in SG for good.. not for good, good as in retire here (no friggin way, they work here till 75!) but maybe tsug can study here. There are just too many 'Pros' in the list. Where else is punching a crime? lol. There's no typhoons, no fault lines, no friggin brownouts. An extremely low crime rate and tax is quite low compared to other countries. Ohmygosh, i'm starting to love singapore. hahaha who would've thought!? All the safety against crimes aside, I love it that tsug and I can stroll around the block without worrying about pesky dogs! or that I can walk to the market, and walk to the mall, and walk to the park! I think i've lost some of my street smarts though, I remember when I was back in Pinas of being completely unaware of my stuff and Pangs had to constantly remind me to close my friggin bag. nyak. That's one of the 'cons'.. tsug being brought up a sissy. hehehe. and of course, the accent here. *sighs* .. that just can't be help lah. but nothing's final yet, until we buy a property here. (and if raymond gets a job in tokyo LOL)

we're going to batam on the 12th. just really wanted a change of scenery.. haven't been to batam and there's nothing to see in the city itself, but the resort we're going has some good reviews on TripAdvisor so I'm pretty excited. tsug also looooves swimming, so i hope we have great weather and that he enjoys himself.

that's it. see you guys. oh, and i've started playing Farmville and Farmtown on Facebook. I'm hooked at the moment! (i miss Paenaan hehe) gotta go and harvest some crops lol.


cathleen said...

hmm... ano ba masasabi ko? ang galing mo talaga mag blog. hehe!

good luck to you and pangs and tsug tsug! so the next time i will visit SG, baka pde na ako makisqueeze-in sa haws nyo. hmm.. but i will surely miss the geylang area :)

Beverly said...

how about bringing relatives to sg to take care of the baby? is that an option? if you really want to work and if you want someone blood related to take care of your kid, SG is one of the best countries where it is easy to sponsor a work visa for a nanny..