Saturday, June 20, 2009

...progress report

at 13 months, tsugtsug was finally able to take his monumental first steps! and we have it in video! haven't been updating my blog mainly because of facebook, i feel it'll be redundant (and i was too lazy) but I realized, it's better to keep tsugtsug's milestones in one place.

best part was raymond and i have seen it together! he was on leave that day. the 3 of us were in tsug's playroom when tsug suddenly took 2 mini steps and fell down. Pangs and I looked at each other and then excitedly, urged Tsug to do it again. He was able to walk across the room! nowadays though, he prefers crawling to walking. he's very lazzyyy. probably because its just now that he could crawl freely, wasn't able to do that back in Pinas. I know he's kinda late, (learning to walk) but I'm not the least bit worried, I'm sure he'll be running in no time and then I would miss the time when he was easier to follow around.

another new thing, is his love of tofu. so friggin happy. because that means, japanese restaurants for us! yey! he also likes the steamed egg thingie (forgot the name) with the shitake mushrooms/crab sticks. makes life easier now when we dine out. we still can't eat at a leisurely pace but at least this time, we get to order dessert ehehe.

hmm. what else to tell about tsug.. he loves to eat cheerios too. i would just place some on his tray and he would feed himself while watching Hi5 (yeah, he still hasn't outgrown Hi5) he's still as makulit and bratty as ever and would cry whenever he doesn't get his way.. that's why i love the new playroom. its basically an empty room we placed rubber mats on so he can crawl freely without me stopping him every so often, pulling him away from the tv or the fan or whatever he's not supposed to be touching. In there he can touch everything, taste everything LOL.

snack time he usually has yogurt with some fruit, and his favorite biscuits. he still doesn't like any 'factory made' milk. that's why i try to feed him yogurt and cheese, at least he'll be able to get some extra calcium from those.

tsug snacking

yesterday, our weekly plantsadora brought her daughter and her two grandchildren, aged 8 and 2. tsug at first cried (but it was mainly because his nap was cut short) but after awhile, he was playing with Jessi, the 2 yo kid. Jessi was so cute, he would say 'momi, momi' when tsug would pull the toy away from him. hehe. I was so proud of Tsug, he wouldn't cry when Jessi pulled any toy from him, he would just get it back. LOL! I guess Pangs is right. I shouldn't be afraid of bullies once we enroll tsug in a playgroup. He would be the one bullying. nyahaha. Speaking of playgroups, am planning of putting tsug in a 2-hour a day one, just so he'll learn some social skills (since he doesn't have his cousins here), like sharing and other stuff. of course i don't really want him to turn out to be a bully or selfish or someone who bites other kids.

that's all the update for now. (gawd i'm lazy) hope you guys update your blogs too! (you know who i'm talking about!)

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