Monday, April 14, 2008

...why him?

i knew it. i knew that i would jinx michael johns by speaking about him in my blog. I'm so sorrryyyy I didn't mean to. L o L. but dammmit, i'm still pissed that he's eliminated. super pissed. I didn't have any unrealistic expectations of him winning the whole thing but I would've liked him to be at top 5 at least. (ahead of Syeisha and Kristy Lee!) arrgh. All i can do now is to say goodbye to his manliness. and his adorable aussie accent. and his voice. huhuhuh. i loooove his voice. *sighs*

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Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeee.. I really hope to see you in TV again!

*sighs* anyhoo. am still pregnant. tsugtsug is still very active. i do have a hard time finding the right position to sleep though. its like my whole tummy shifts to the left and then everything aches in my right side. i dunno what's up with that. i have stopped reading "birthing stories" and other labor stuff because it just simply terrifies me. i feel it adds to my confusion and anxiety instead of making me feel prepared and well informed. the book "What to Expect on the First Year" makes me fall asleep after just a page. and my suitcase isn't ready yet. I mean, it has stuff inside, but its not everything that i would need. am i panicking? LOL. i don't know. i'm just nervous i think. or constipated. LOL. i dunno what i'm feeling anymore, if its physical or emotional. i can't friggin differentiate.

..time for my daily siesta. i love being a bum.


harbie said...

we didn't talk for an entire minute after he was voted out.

demmit no?!

i hate David Cook's smug looks. he is talented, but it's so hard to like him dahil ang yabang ng itsura nya!

MJ is a classy guy. remember that epi na sinabi ni paula mahirap kumanta pag may earpiece? tapos wala naman pala syang suot na earpiece, pero di nya binara si paula. that epi earned our respect for him. kung yung iba yon, they will point that out para mapahiya si paula and to prove her wrong.

and i actually like his last performance! Dream On! *rocks*

ramiele. hilaw pa. she's good, pero bano pumili ng kanta, at takot mag-take ng risks.

i'm liking syesha lately, and hating brooke white. KLC, matagal ko na syang hate. *lol*

geWi said...

ohmygosh my thoughts exactly harbie. i hateeee David C dahil after he sings ang sarap sapukin mukha nya, feeling nya ang gwapo nya hahaha. kabwiset!

kaya natutuwa ako pag sinasabihan sya minsan ni Simon na mayabang bwahaha.

ako rin gusto ko performance nya na dream on.

di ko rin gusto si Brooke.. she keeps on crying! kainis. get over it girl.

harbie said...

ever since MJ sang Dream On sa AI, radio stations here play that song at least once a day! i sooo love it! hehehe! sana magka-album na sya. hehe!

geWi said...

how much do u hate brooke white now? hahaha! i hate herrrrrr. hope she definitely goes home tomorrow.. there's just no excuse for screwing up ur lyrics!!

feeling ko magkakanervous breakdown na sya!