Friday, April 25, 2008 matagal

yeah.. still preggy. i think tsugtsug will definitely wait for his daddy. just one more week, i can't believe it!!!! i'm soooo happy and excited! pangs will be here on Thursday!!! *jumps jumps while holding tummy* hihihi.

i think i'm ready.. i have the sterilizer ready for use, my hospital bag prepared (plus tsugtsug's stuff) and yessssssss.. we have a name for tsugtsug.. which i totally won't tell until its written officially on his birth certificate. (ayoko na magbago, please lol!)

oohhhh.. was just IMed my fave cousin Ian... waah his wife already gave birth, i'm so envious! congrats insan!

oh, tsugtsug.. tayo naman! hehehe! cge.. babay na munaaaa. DVD marathon again.


harbie said...

grabe geri, ang bilis ng panahon! =)

balitaan mo kami agad kahit one-liner text/email/post ha?

good luck sa pag-ire... we'll pray for you and tsugtsug's speedy delivery *andale andale, arriba arriba! lol*

rEeYuH said...

woweeee gewiiii sooo near!!!

sooo excited for you.. praying for a hassle-free (un tipong isang ire lng hehe), smooth and safe delivery