Saturday, September 08, 2007


halu guys! i actually had a blog before this but never had a chance to post it. anyway, there wasn't anything much in that blog, except on how excited i was for the bangkok trip..

had the bangkok trip and can i just say how muuuchhh i looove that country?? L.O.V.E. reminded me so much of home.. paglabas nga namin ng airport lahat kami eh (asa Magallanes ba tayo?) the outside electric poles, the billboards, the flyover, the traffic.. everything was the same except for the sanskrit signs haha.

we just spent 3 days there (bitin!) but i had a greaaat time shopping and sight-seeing. (si janey ask nyo kung nag enjoy magshopping haha! peace!) i bought 200 baht shoes, knock-off lacoste shirts (110baht onlyyyyy)and small items we don't buy here in SG cause its too damn expensive (panyo, medyas, bra, haha!)

i loveeeed the street FRUITS! they have something like dried bagoong which is just geniusss. the taste without the mess. (all for 10 baht!)

here's some of the pictures:

we went to ayutthaya, the ancient ruins:
so nice right? like i'm in cambodia or something (not that i've ever been to cambodia, but i've watched National Geographic)

in Bang-In Summer Palace.. so nice there.. like we were in China naman hehe.

another shot in Bang-In Summer Palace..

we went also to the Grand Palace..

and ooooh.. we met a celebrity hahaha.. check us out with alicia mayer! my dad will be so proud haha! she's very nice, .. i approached her and asked "pwede pong papicture?" and she said yes .. after the picture she was even the one who made small talk like "bakasyon din kayo dito?" .. after the pic we thanked her and went on with the tour

and a tour can't be complete without a jumping shot!

and a weird shot!

and a friendster shot hehehe!

i loved thailand!! i'm definitely going back there, even for just the fruit street vendors.


harbie said...

ganda ng pics!

pero ito ba ang hinihintay kong post? *lol* anak ng pating! =P

Anonymous said...

Hi Sawadee kha!

artistahin ka na geri.

uyy.. ganda ng mga pictures.. i missed my chance seeing the great sight.

ganda ng picture.


Anonymous said...

lol@harbie. oki oki coming up next..

heidiiiiiiiii sayang tlga!


Piggy said...

whoa! allowed ka ba magjump ng ganyan kataas?

ganda ng pics!