Thursday, August 16, 2007

...thinking happy thoughts

...or else i'd go crazy living here.

i am super super homesick. as in.. i miss Eat Bulaga. i miss Jollibee. i miss eating fast food everyday cause the fastfood here costs 210pesos(wtf?) just for a friggin Mcdonalds meal. (don't get me started with KFC.. coleslaw sucks!) i miss our house (our kitchen now has new tiles and bedroom is wood parquet-ed!.. next project, the house facade) but i really miss channel 7, haha. i miss their side of the story with the whole Angel Locsin fiasco. LOL. (so showbiz).. good thing there's!

recently, i've had two people in my life who lost someone.. one filipino officemate lost his father to cancer, and... my filipino agent died. i think he's only 30+ years old.. he had pancreatitis.. when i went to his wake (waah still so surreal), his wife told me that he was at the hospital at 12pm, and he died at 3pm. Please help me pray for his family and that his wife and his 2 kids (aged around 7-9) continue to remain strong. I was trying with all my willpower not to cry (cause i'm not close to them nor related) while she was telling us how he died. After an hour at the wake I told Pangs we need to go cause I can't hold back the tears anymore wahahaha.

After that, we had a long talk about our priorities in life... do we really want to be away from our family? When my Filipino officemate's father died.. it really got me thinking. Do I only want to go home when something tragic like that happens to our family? *knock on wood* My housemate Jeff the time they go home, his brother might be married, his sister graduated, all these important occasions that he will miss out because he's in a different country. is it all worth it? Do i want to go home and discover that my family has changed in so many different ways and I wasn't there when these all happened? Arrggh. Am i being childish by thinking these thoughts? Not independent enough from them? *sighs..*

Pangs and I have decided on a date. A month and a date that we will return back home. For good. and that has greaaatly cheered me up!

anyway, (to less depressing news) one good thing did happen recently. i've been moved to a new team.. i have a new boss and everything! i think all my positive thinking have paid off and i'm no longer in that overworked,stressful,underpaid team. Now i'm in a relaxed, ok-paid team. (no increase uh, just less workload haha!)

also, i've found solace in my housemates, officemates and my hubby, of course. i still do miss the previous interns.. but i try to keep in touch with linh, (i IM her once in a while).. here's our picture on their last day at Clark Quay:


we've got new interns now, don't talk to them that often (not unlike Linh and Erikson with whom i had adjacent seats with) but they're quite funny. hehe. i have found out that its great to have friends from different races, you learn a lot. i really like Malvika.. she's indian and she talks a lot. haha. we keep each other entertained by talking about everything and nothing. awesome way to kill time in the office.

i've recently bought a HOLGA camera(google it, its a lot of fun) which will join my ActionSampler lomo collection. its becoming an expensive hobby, having your 120mm film developed but i find it exciting, not knowing what to expect with your shot. think natuwa si hubby about me getting into photography, cause he doesn't have to drag me to go out and take photos of anything.

which reminds me.. our bangkok trip is only 3 weeks away! yey yey yey! so looking forward to it, i think i over-googled and now i have information overload about bangkok, the city tours, the hotels, etc but its all good. (i have short-time memory anyways) going with hubby, janey and her friend. yey again!

oh, and i got a new haircut. its super short i actually look like a boy. ha! i still like it, less shampoo to use.

gotta sleep now. TGIF tomorrow. :D i KNOW i won't be blogging tomorrow so have a happy weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

*naks same ol gewi look uh!
*i like it though
*mas gewilike and dating kasi hihi
*d ka parin tumaba
*ingat po jan!
*God Bless you!

harbie said...

asan na pic ng new look mo? did i miss it?

uy, write often, am sooo bored dito sa trabaho! hehehe! =P

harbie said...

gerrriiiii! putcha, post mo na! gusto ko na magreact eh! hahaha! you know, you know! ;-)