Wednesday, February 15, 2006

...naiinis ako. sobra. (edited)

okay.. i actually showed my supplier's ratings to all my suppliers.. pati yung sa mga meh negative comments para malaman nila and to work on yung mga naging mali nila..

so with lala, she called me and asked me bakit ang baba naman ng rating ko sa reception. sabi nya meron daw throwaway bouquet, naendorse nya lang. oki fine, nawala siguro ng kapatid ko. and meron daw petals dun sa gallery table namin, siya mismo ang naglagay. i've seen the picture ng gallery table namin, ni-isa walang petal pero okay, i'll believe her and figure that someone was stupid enough to remove the petals from the table.

and fine, aakuhin ko na ang kasalanan with the reception decor. i did not read the contract. as in. i browsed through it, and i received this 2 weeks before my wedding.. guess what kung ano finocus-an ko? the balance, syempre. this was 2 weeks before my wedding and ang concern namin is, mababayaran ba namin siya. I THOUGHT kasi (and ito talaga ang pinakamalaki kong kasalanan).. I ASSUMED yung mga pinag-usapan namin is malalagay nya sa contract. now that i've read it.. why o why walang couple's table nga sa contract? i'm so so stupid na pinalagpas yun, for a 21.5k quotation sa reception venue. ito lang nakalagay sa contract namin:


1 Presidential Table Arrangement
Details: The table will feature the following designs:
Round floral arrangement on bamboo vase container with burgundy roses yellow celosis, calla lilies and orchds.
Cylindrical glass vase with eternity candles and motif liquid
Votive candles on a beaded container
Silk cloth with vine Formosa accentuated with bamboo sticks will serve as the background.

20 Guest Tables
Details: Two different sized bamboo vase containers will be arranged with:
Round arrangement of burgundy roses and yellow celosia
Arrangement of White orchids and imported variety white calla lilies with twig accent

wala pala ang mga pinag-usapan namin na couple's table, ARCH sa foyer, stage decor & gallery table decor. what have i done??! bakit yun lang ang nasa contract? and same price parin ng napag-usapan namin? totally WALA na kaming kukuning flowers from the caterer kasi nagpaseparate florist nga kami. it's all my fault. contracts are meant to be read and i didn't read the freakin' thing. (did i mention this was 2 weeks before my wedding?) sabi nya paulit-ulit daw ang pagrevise namin ng contract. i beg to disagree. i asked her to change it ONCE dahil lang sa deposit. nakalagay sa previous contract na 1000 palang ang deposit namin when 7.6k na talaga. you changed it to the right deposit amount, and that was it, no biggies. (as i've said, DUN AKO NAKATINGIN!)

*breathes in, breathes out*

so moving on...i'll just concentrate sa guest centerpiece. the 2 pictures i've shown in my blog are the ones that she e-mailed me.
this one. (who wouldn't love this?)

and she showed me this.. because she was supposedly showing me the bamboo vase. which i loved also.

she described the guest centerpiece in our contract like this:
Two different sized bamboo vase containers will be arranged with:
Round arrangement of burgundy roses and yellow celosia
Arrangement of White orchids and imported variety white calla lilies with twig accent

and gave us this:

wow. THAT's it!?

she said she did everything stipulated in the contract. how will we freakin know from the words in our contract that it will turn out this way!??! gawwwd. and the bamboo vase.. she said that alone costed her 5000 bucks.. all i can say is.. "you were ripped-off!" ohmigosh sino supplier mo nung hideous vases na yun? i told you i had great suppliers of bamboo diba? you texted me na meh nakita ka na, and mas mura. i could have shown you vases 10 times more beautiful than that for the same price.

her argument is she did everything in the contract so she wants me to change my supplier rating and clarify stuff about the "cons". i clarified na. sa taas. as to change my supplier rating.. hmmm. isipin ko muna.


hindi ko nagustuhan yung guest centerpiece. period. i liked the words sa contract nya.. but not the end result. well.... so much for words then.


((((Lala and I talked and I misunderstood her. she wasn't asking me to change the rating, just to clarify the stuff listed on my "cons" list. I asked my sister (who's in the States, so I had to catch her online to talk to her) and she said there was a throw-away bouquet given. Sabi pa ng kapatid ko "Hindi ba nabigay kay Jing? (the one who lost in the games)" sabi ko "Bakit, inabot MO ba?" Syempre siya magbibigay nun *sapok keh Kapatid* . And ask din about the petals sa foyer, sabi nya wala daw siyang napansin, baka napatungan ng gifts and maling table ang nagamit.

I still don't like the freakin guest centerpieces! 20k namin huhuhu.))))


twistedzero said...

I just want to add that the couple should not shoulder the price of the vase. Simple lang, pwede pa naman nyang gamitin yun sa ibang wedding. What is the point of telling us that the vases cost 5k? I don't remember Irish (Swan) telling us that the Noritake plate she used on our wedding cost more that 20k and she chould charge us for that. Or Jaime didn't told us that he will charge us more since he will be using Canon 300D (which cost around 40K). Di ba? They know that it is their investment. And as for the contract, she should have mention us that she may have interpretation on what was written there and we may be suprise that it is not what we have agreed on. We trusted her. She gave us the contract only two weeks before our wedding. Even before that we are already spreading good words about her, in fact one of geri's officemate booked her.

Ok, I admit mali kami that we took her word without any legal bindings. And she should also admit that she is guilty of false advertising.

Sorry lala if our rating upsets you, but we are really disappointed with you.

geWi said...

no one in her right mind would re-use those vases kasi. hehe!

harbie said...

that's the first time i've heard of someone asking that feedback ratings be changed. hehehe!

sya ba mismo ang gumawa ng flower arrangements? kasi baka iba yung interpretation nung florist nya dun sa mga nakasulat sa contract. she should've shown her florist kung ano yung pinakita niya senyo, instead of trusting her florist's interpretation of her description.

pero kung sya mismo ang gumawa, ibang usapan na yon.

geWi said...

siya po mismo ang florist. but to set things straight she didn't ask naman pala to change the rating.. just to clarify the stuff on my "cons" list. like the throw-away bouquet, my sister said meron nga daw. ang tanong pa nya saken.."bakit, hindi ba binigay keh jing? (yung natalo sa games)" sabi ko nga "bakit, binigay mo ba?" l o l. sino pa ba magaabot nun kungdi siya. kaya to Lala: sorry about that, there was a throw-away bouquet. Sorry po!

sa petals sa foyer, my sister didn't notice it daw, baka daw napatungan ng regalo, tas wrong table ang ginamit. so ayun..

still don't like the guest centerpiece though. and the freakin' vase. hehe.

Anne said...

Hi Gewi and Pangs...I'm saddened with this misunderstanding with Lala, she was my florist also during my wedding and everything we agreed was in contract was implemented. I'm sure you will find a way to sort this misunderstanding out.

Just one thing I want to point out…our posts/blogs kasi are usually the basis of future brides’ decisions to get or not to get a supplier, so we really have to be careful and write responsibly, especially if we are writing negative stuff about a supplier. We have to be really, really sure of what we are saying. It is just fair that we have all the facts before we write, it’s unfair that we write one thing on the body of the post and write a clarification on that on the comments portion, since usually blog readers do not read comments except only when they will comment themselves. I suggest you write all clarifications on the body of the post, as an update or a revision, so that your readers know of it.

Yun lang and Congratulations again!!

geWi said...

alryti Anne, no problem!

Charolism said...

It was your wedding right? well kung nde ka satisfied - then I guess we should respect that.

I was disappointed too when I saw the final centerpiece - I fell inlove with the first set of pictures na you showed us ... ganda eh!

Oh well ganda naman ng wedding mo!

twistedzero said...

bait mo naman pangs. ngayon, kasalanan pa natin!

ok na sa throw-away bouquet and petals. but, how can she explain the fact the iba yung ipinakita nya satin sa email sa actual nyang ginawa? We were a litte "OC" sa wedding natin (You can ask Irish how OC we are), but when it came to Lala, we trusted her since ang gaganda nung ipinakita nya satin plus yung mga sinasabi nyang idea. malay ko bang di nya gagawin yun sa actual date.

jane said...

i also booked lala gewi..

and it's all because of you! hahahaha! *peace*

we got her to for the entourage flowers.. yours were great naman.. so im looking forward din sa mga flowers namin =)


geWi said...

yahh jane! exactly our point.. ndi pa nya napoprove ang sarili nya, nirerecommend na namin siya.

and dun sa wedding ng kabarkada ng officemate ko (yung nirefer ko) sabi ng officemate ko, mas maganda daw guest centerpieces nun. *sighs*

sana talaga ndi na kami nagseparate florist sa reception.. dapat kinuha nalang namin yung sa Swan, meh bamboo centerpiece din sila.. and guess what? it's free!

Aggie said...

All's well that ends well.
Ang importante, kasal ka na!! Best wishes!