Monday, February 06, 2006

...i'm alive!

i know, i know.. a blog has been loooong overdue but you know how you have so much kwento but in the end, it's too damn long that you get lazy to start it? hehe. anyway,i'm trying to beat the tamad-blues and get started with my blog.

i'm married! can you freakin believe it? feeling parin namin ni raymond nagbabahay-bahayan lang kami. when we were in our honeymoon, feeling namin magshota lang kami na lumusot sa mga magulang..

with the wedding, all i can say is.. TG it's over! i'm not like other brides who say that they miss the wedding preps, ohhh no, for me.. TG no more preps! the wedding was a blur.. it was happy-happy-happy day for me and i wasn't nervous one bit. (only when the door opened at the church and i saw all eyes were on me did i get a teeny-bit nervous.)

i've seen some of the pics, and seeing it at another person's point of view is really overwhelming.. i mean, it was MY wedding right? why didn't i remember these things? lol! i saw my mom was crying (which i didn't notice at ALL) .. my dad sleeping during the preps (haha, typical) and my oh-so-beauuutiful sisters! and yeahh.. ako rin! mygosh ang ganda ko! hahaha! even the auditorium looked elegant in the pics! i saw TP's makeup (oo nga TP, wag yun ang kunin mong HMUA uh, lol..'cause on the day i thought it was okay!) and my cake which looked delicious even in photos. Jaime and Bryan really exceeded our expectations! they're our number 1, mega-super favorite supplier in our wedding! walang exag, as in super sila talaga. everyone loved them, including our parents, our guests, our friends! and they haven't even seen the photos yet! baka magtayo sila ng fans club pag nakita na nila, lol! i have yet to upload the pics (kasi naka dvd, eh dito sa office cdrom lang and you know it takes forever to upload in a dial-up connection.) also one of my faves was Madge Lejano, my make up artist. yes they were late, medyo naghabol sa mga makeup ng side nila raymond pero the end result uh, ang gaganda nila! i loved ALL their makeups, so natural and she had a knack of showing their natural beauties.. well, i'll give a more detailed review on my supplier ratings..

after the wedding, 1 day rest lang tas punta na kami cebu and bohol.. we stayed at Shangrila Mactan Island Resort and suuuuupperrr ganda dun! para kaming asa Korea! hahaha! puro koreano kasi, feeling ko asa KoreaNovela kami.. and the Buffet.. tama yung review na nabasa ko,.. it was a Buffet with a capital B.. breakfast palang, sulit na ang bayad namin.. tas sa Panglao Island, we stayed at Alona Tropical for a night and for 3 nights at Alona Kew.. ganda sa bohol! first time for me to go snorkeling and it was a helluva experience.. i got to meet the whole cast of Finding Nemo! (except for the whale and the turtles pala, lol!) and yung Dolphins..waaah palakpak ako ng palakpak sa tuwa..only regret was we didn't have an underwater camera.. should've gotten the cheap disposables ones in Manila cause they cost an arm and a leg in Bohol..( eh 350bucks lng yun eh!) we promised ourselves we'll go back there just to take a friggin picture of the fishies..Balicasag Island is actually a marine sanctuary and i don't know uh (kasi it's my first time) pero ang ganda tlga magsnorkeling dito! buong palibot ng island pwede magsnorkeling! meh malalim, meh mababaw.. sabi nga ng driver(?) ng bangka.. "AHH Pag Pinoy, hanggang dito lang gusto (pointing at his chest).. pag Foreigner, hanggang dito (above his head)" LOl! onga, katakot, meh part dun na pag tiningnan mo.. there's a big drop and puro blue na , meaning super lalim kagad.. scary and awesome at the same time tingnan, buti na lang meh life jackets!

ayun muna kwento.. more to come.. nagparamdam lng ako!

TY sa lahat ng pumunta sa Wedding, super appreciated it. (Thanks Harbie!! wonderful gift!) TP! salamat for being a part of my entourage!! labyuu!


anshe said...

aww tp! luv you too!*hugs* thanks for the honest comment lol! =D bitin sa kwento, more!more! hehe =D grabe enjoy ang bakasyon ah? kala ko itutuloy nyo pa until Valentine's celebration eh..hihi! Ü congrats and God bless you both! Ü

jane said...

more more! woohoo!

i still remember texting you and asking how it feels to be married na.. hehehe.. e you're on your way to church pa lang pala.. =D

harbie said...

gewiiiii!!! welcome back Misis Arenas! ;-) glad you guys liked our gift, special thanks sa "assistant" naming si tenten. =P

you were really gorgeous dun sa wedding pics nyo ha! nakita ko from the shots taken by mareng-TP-vero. parang hindi ikaw, babaeng-babae at demure na demure! *lol*

bitin nga sa kuwento, padalhan nyo kami ng copy ng dvd dito!!!! =D

geWi said...

onga harbie, send mo nga address mo saken! demure ba? bwahahah. papanggap, even for a day.! dun ko lang napansin sa pictures eh!

onga jane,nahilo ako kakatext sayu bwahahah