Tuesday, February 14, 2006

...HAPI valentine's

hihihihi. i can't help it.. i can't seem to stop smiling.. Pangs gave me a dozen of peach roses and he had it delivered in my office. hihihhi. *giddy smile* i never thought of myself as a flower type of girl but getting roses in valentine's really makes one feel special. i get the "uyy ganda naman nyan" comments.. the "okay tlga pag newly wed pa uh!".. (uy uh.. mabigay tlga ng flowers si Pangs ko! last year he gave me yellow calla lilies, same as my wedding bouquet! i think i blogged it here).. and the suspense from Manong as to whom he will give the flowers to. woohoo,, it's mine! ang saya saya! lol!

last night Pangs gave me a pre-valentine's gift already.. i thought that was it hihihi. i was actually v. happy about it.. he gave me 3 mini-cookbooks.. pero i was kidding him that "abah, last year flowers ngayong mag-asawa, cookbook na!" hehe. siguro na konsensya, lol!

i love you my Pangs! Happy Valentine's Day! (first valentine's day naten as mag-asawa!).. meh show ka mamaya *winks*


harbie said...

happy v-day gewi, and to your pangs na rin. pwede bang pag sinabi kong "gewi", = geri + raymond na yon? hehehe! aha! "gewond"! sorta like "bennifer" or "tomkat". nyahaha!

hmmm... "show"?! hmmmm! *grins*

ps. pics naman dyan! ;-)

geWi said...

pics ka dyan! hehe *tongks*

gewond will do. l o l

eh keyu ano? alfbie? lol!

harbie said...

hahaha! ayus! sige, "gewond" it is! in Brit accent pa yan ha. hehehe!

hampanget naman nung amin! but one of our HS teachers, who's also one of our wedding ninangs, used to address us as "harbiedo". now, THAT is downright cheezy!

jane said...

show? *looks to the left* *looks to the right* =p

honga share pics!!! hahaha! =D

yung alam kong show may dollar na involved e.. =p