Wednesday, May 25, 2005

...nerve-wrecking week

1. LIPS (Life Insurance Planning System) training and development - this has been one of my LONGEST projects so far.. TG, it's almost over
2. Got a call from .. I'm still keeping it a secret, I don't want to jinx my application. I'm scheduled for interview this Friday, already took the exam, (TG I passed) so hopefully, this is it! BTW, it's not Accenture..
3. The other system, FIS (Field Information System) deadline is also at the end of the month.. one of my one-man team programs
4. It's AI finals week! Who would it be? Carrie or Bo? already heard their songs at I'm not especially rooting for anyone in particular.. I happen to like both Carrie and Bo..

I'll post next time.. hopefully I'll be giving good news by then..

Bye! wish me luck!!

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