Tuesday, April 19, 2005

...so many choices, so little money

got hold of a directory for photo/video services and i've been spamming them since monday morning, hoping i could find a great portfolio that could actually FIT into our budget.. we didn't really expect packages to be THESE expensive.. i mean, the best one we've liked so far is a 40k package with 2 photographers and 1 videographer.. check him out..i absolute looove his photos.. i also like johnaguas.com and the 40k package has 2 photographers, 2 videographers, 2 MINI albums, a prenup shooting and video in DVD. it's pretty complete but the only bad thing is his studio's in Las Pinas..super duper far.

i can't believe how many they are.. and how expensive! makes it more crucial for us to pick the perfect one for our wedding.. we also looooove (idol na namin, actually) dinolara photography.. simple layouts, (simple works! i don't get it why people don't get THAT.) photojournalistic approach, great and informative website.. if we can afford him, we'll get him.

btw, i bought myself a creative zen micro.. woohoooeyy! scrap that from my WISHLIST. /me does a jiggy-dance it has 5GB, FM tuner, voice recorder and comes in many colors.. i got the hot pink one.. wooohoooeyyyyy!
my zen micro

i'll see you guys. email me at gewi@gawab.com if you know any photo/video stuff. thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

ahhaaa geri! hot fink fa ha!!!

my friend's photographer is ariel javelosa.. try mo inquire and see his portfolio sa site nya.. simple and elegant naman gawa nya sa wedding nya. The album is like a story book na gawa sa mga event pictures.. but i think it comes with the package.. kung madami or konti lang include.


Anonymous said...

i think its www.arieljavelosa.ph

Charolism said...

GUDNIS talagang tuloy na tuloy na ang kasal harharhahrhahrhar hurraaaaaaaaaaaaay

geWi said...

thanks heids!!!!

nakita ko rin yung arieljavelosa but it's waay beyond our budget eh.. we're only thinking of 40k MAX na sana with 2 photographers and at least 1 videographer.. meh few photographers naman kaming nakitang ganun.. but we're still canvassing.. THANKS!! *mwah*

melizza said...

geritots!!! congrats ulet! grabe over na tlga nigagawa niong pagpaplano sa wedding na yan ha! ive 3 suggestions sa photographers kso only 2 are online the other im not sure if he's still taking photos.

1. Jorge’s Portrait Studio
35 P. Tuazon St. Cubao, QC 724-6920
Or call 723-3586; 723-3614
Or call 411.2719
email: jorge@jorgeportrait.com
website: www.jorgeportrait.com

weve always used him for madaliang photos and what-not, but from his studio ganda nung mga portraits and wedding photos na nikukuha ng jorge, so you might want to check him out before deciding.

2. Nelson Villarica
111 Isarog St., La Loma, QC
Call 287-0564 (studio); 413-2620
Or call 0917-7912222
email: inquire@nelsonvillarica.com

my friend told me his prices are steep but worth it. i know ur only planning to spend 40k pero he's another option. his mom is my ninang sa kumpil, so i dont know if it will help if u name drop. kung nde nia ako kilala, he might know my mom, (gamitin ba daw nanay ko???!!), marlyn.

3. red santos

he did a good job on a co-worker's wedding at calaruega, thing is i dont know if he's done anymore. the best place i know to contact him is through friendster. that's he's real name.

by the way, i dont know if you've put a downpayment on swan catering already but u guys might want to look up albergus catering. its near celebrity sports plaza in tandang sora. we've always had our parties catered by them since i was a kid. props to their ukoy, nachos, lengua, almond&lychee desert and chicken pastel. hahahah!!! nakakamiss!

bigla ba daw magbuhos ng info syo eno? hahahha!!! let me know what happens!

geWi said...

salamat salamat meltots! i'll try to check out lahat ng sinuggest mo! mwahmwahmwah!

melizza said...

no problemo..

melizza said...

btw,i happen to like rob LOL! he's always maabilidad and cunning.he knows how to take advantage of every opportunity and not waste it.dapat ganyan mga lalake!LOL!meredith and gretchen are ruining the race for me,the old couple (teri&jon? from season2 who used to be an annoyance are starting to look better).gretchen is too whiny.id love for uchenna and joyce to win!yey!but rob and amber winning is the ultimate in-ur-face for everyone.

geWi said...

waahahah i hate rob. buti nga naging 3rd place sila dun sa last.. sabi nga sa official site, "who gets the last laugh".. harharhar! yabang kasi! hehe mwah mel!